• Read Prabhupadas Books there is so much speculation in all of this.
      No one should delve into Sri Sri Radha and Krishnas intimate passtimes until they first understand the Greatness of Krishna! Radha was born after Krishna. She was not older! Srila Prabhupada the Master of Masters wrote in Srimad Bhagavatam. Please Read Krishna Book and also the first nine cantos of Srimad Bhagavatam before delving into theese passtimes.
      Krishna can enjoy how He likes He has unlimited wives and lovers. We are all to be enjoied by Him. He can expand Himself innumerable times and be with all of His wives at one time and satisfy all of them and all of his consorts. Sri Radha is married to a direct expansion of Krishna. Sri Radhas Mother Inlaw is always trying to catch Sri Radha with Krishna. This is all part of the Lila. That is true, but this is to increas thier loving exchanges. But unless you understand eveything else about Krishna, you will simply make offense. So forget about all of this and foculs on Krishnas childhood passtimes with the Gopas unitl you can fully except what ever Krishna does. But dont read any sahajay books. If you choose to read outside of Srla Prabhupadas books you may get burned. Be careful Be. Radha and Krishna can never do anything impure They are Perfect. Please do not make offense by thining anything MUNDANE regarding Sri Sri Radha and Krishna! It will hurt your devotional creeper and you will never be able to understand Them. Just try to become like Arjuna and become Krishnas dear friend, and He will reveal everything to you in time. Hare Krishna.
  • There is no Substance to this "Tale" Radha and Krsna are Never Married. The exist as Paramours. The loving Exchanges between Radha and Krsna are explained by our Acaryas and the relation of Paramour is more intimate than that of Husband and wife. Krsna Married many wives in his Vasudeva form, but He exhibits His Lila with Radha and Her Sakhis as Paramour, Intimate Loving Companion. He was never Married. The Gopis desired Krsna as Their Husband so He arranged that ' Unofficially" They were united just like Husband and Wife by His Lila of Stealing Their Clothes and seeing them Naked. Only the Husband should see a Female Naked, so in this way He fullfilled the Desires of the Gopis.
  • Hare Krishna !!!!!
  • Thank u all devotees.But I heard that Radharani married to Abhimanyu..
    • hare krishna,
      ya its true that radharani married to abhimanyu( incarnaton of lord krishna only).
      Before lord krishna's incarnation in vrindavan, all the demigods approaches lord krishna and requests him to appear on earth and solve all their problems .for this krishna needs supporters to accompany him in this world who are none other than radharani and viraja (gopika in golaka).hence krishna created a dispute between radharani and viraja, by which radharani cursed her to become river (ganga river).seeing all these in goloka sudhama(not krishna's friend in vrindavan ) cursed radharani for her behavior to take birth in bhulok as comman materialistic woman.and thus since radharani cant marry anyother other than krishna,,krishna himself appeared as abhimanya son of jatila and kutila (as his sister).......for more details refer Brahmavaivathartha purana
      • Hare Krishna devotees,
        Please forgive me for my offences but once i started reading Brahmavaivathartha purana
        It talks so vulgur about Krishna. I felt i am reading some porn book.
        I discussed with a devotee then he advised me not to read this purana. He said read only Prabhupada books as he has written everything in his books whatever is required for fallen souls like us.
        Sometimes i really wonder if these puranas are really authentic...
        • These are bonafide Sastras but one has to recieve them in Disciplic Succession and one should not indulge or delve into the Intimate Pastimes of Their Lordships untill one is sufficiently advanced. Otherwise there will be Misunderstanding and Offence.. Krsna's Childhood Pastimes and Krsna Book are the doorway to such Advancement along with Hearing, Chanting and Preaching the Samkirtana of the Holy Names in the association of Devotees... hare Krsna.....
        • hare krishna
          ya one should read Prabhupada books only.its just for reference
  • Marriage happens between two souls but Krishna and Radharani are eternally one. Jai shree Radhe
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