Humble pranaamas to all. Hare Krishna

Someone had asked me the following question-

Why did God create us spirit souls or part and parcels in the first place? We didn’t want any of this hassle.

Even though I understand that we are eternal and have been ever existent like sparks of a fire, still considering that Krishna is the first purusha, the original person, hence it implies that we had a beginning. So I composed the below as an answer. Can you please check whether this is in agreement with Swami Prabhupada's teachings? Also is there something that can be added to the below explanation -

Answer: -
Reason God created us- 
Almost the same reason as the reason we create children. We created children because we wished to and we have the independence/freedom and ability to do that. He created us so that he could share and expand his unlimited happiness. Pleasure multiplies when we share our assets and our happiness with our children. Same applies to God.

We can sustain and provide happiness to only a few children. But the lord has infinite happiness, infinite power and capabilities. So he has created innumerable children to share this happiness. He provides for everyone, right from the ant to the elephant. He has infinite potency. It is another thing that some humans misuse this facility and overuse the resources that God provides for selfish sense gratification and unnecessary bodily comforts and for a false illusion of status, and thus create problems for all living entities by disturbing the balance.

As the famous quote goes – “The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not for everyone’s greed.”

God created us for his pleasure and we are meant to do him service to please him. However, doing service to God gives equal pleasure to the servitor as well, unlike in the material world. That is the greatness and kindness of God.

God reciprocates many times over for those who service him sincerely in pure love and to those who serve him without expectations. However, if we choose not to serve him, then we would have to serve his external energy, Maya, or illusion, which is what we are doing in this material world by serving our wife/husband, children, company, boss, nation, senses etc. And we never get complete satisfaction in spite of being sincere in our service. And also the service is temporary. We serve a family, nation etc in this life and in the next life we would have another family/nation etc and the cycle would continue until we come to the point of serving our supreme master himself. Then we escape this cycle.

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  • Thank you for your question Sanjive  
    "God created us for his pleasure and we are meant to do him service to please him. However, doing service to God gives equal pleasure to the servitor as well, unlike in the material world. That is the greatness and kindness of God"

    That is the basic answer, education our education. 

    God has many relationships He's just letting us in on all the/our/His diff. job opportunities.

    Besides that how will we know what is to be feared if we are never exposed to it? Or How will we understand how to migrate back home back to the spiritual Sky if we had never had the opportunity to be trained in Bhaktee? It is for our freedoms sake that we are pushed into this prison-room without walls.

    • Thanks for your response prabhu. Hare Krishna.

  • Very Sensible answer Mataji..Very Nice


  • but still we are eternal part and parcels of God - so that means that there was no point in time where our existence began.

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    In addition to what has already been discussed, you have not commented on "We didn’t want any of this hassle."

    We invited this hassle by wanting to enjoy independent of God, thats why we are in this jail, this dukhalayam ashaswatam, material world. You need to elaborate this bit also.


    Your servant,


    • Hare Krishna

      Thank you prabhuji and mataji for your responses. I am grateful for your time.

      But my question was not about the conditioned souls at all. I do understand that the material world is like a jail and we have fallen down from the spiritual world because we wanted to enjoy separate from God. In fact, if you check the following link, I have summarized these in some Questions & Answers that I am planning to post on FaceBook-

      My question was not about the hassle of our existence in this material world. I already have the answer to that. My question was about the reason for our existence as a spirit soul, in the spiritual world included.

      Do we have a definite answer for that? Or should I just say that we always existed. There was no starting point really.

      Thank you very much


      • Volunteer
        Hare krishna Sanjiv prabhu.

        Please read my second post once again above. The answer is we always existed and that is supported from scriptures, we are not created. We existed.
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