Hare Krishna Swamijis and Mathajis...

I am very new to ISKCON movement and trying to know more about GOD.

Can anybody please throw some light on the following questions?


Why did GOD create universes? What is the need for Him to create universes and then maintain their order? Why does He follow this cycle of creation and annihilation?



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  • God is everything. For in contrast is experience. Do you think god does not wish to experience himself. For if he speaks through you and through me and we talk who are we to dialogue with. Its gods expression of himself. Why does the symbolic form have many eyes. Many faces and many arms but the infinite expressions through our many manifested forms. But this question is best left to you to figure it out, only by the experience can it be truly understood. You are your path and will be the only one to walk it this cycle. I speak and only I hear me. When the mirror faces the other mirror what is the sight but thousands of the same reflection. Wipe away the dirt from the minds mirror and make it the same as the original. 

    • Hare Krishna,

      It makes sense that God wanted to experience himself and so He manifested Himself as the whole creation. Its a nice percepton to think that way.

      I wish to know whether there is any scriptual explanation/reference with respect to this question.

      • Very interesting question Mr.Subash :) I wonder why this question never occured to me ;)

        Like you im also in a progressive path to know the Lord and his wonders . Many questions used to come in my mind as a kid , like in other planets , do the Lord or his messengers incarnate too , just like they do here on Earth , and if so , then in which form , like suppose in a particular planet there lives strange looking aliens but intelligent ones , so will the Lord incarnate in their physical form .. in the physical form of the aliens ?? and many more questions .

        Glad to have you here :)

        • Hare Krishna Travis prabhu...Those are some interesting questions which you have. I was studying Srimad Bhagavatam. In the second canto it is mentioned that there are many planetary systems which have been manifested by the Lord. Of these, the lowest planetary system includes our planet earth. This lower planetary system is occupied till the Lord's legs. If you can imagine. As we move up, the thighs , the navel, the chest, face  and the mind all have some planetary systems in them. So you see, our planet is the lowest and thus all the entities appear in physical form which can be seen by our naked eyes. You have to be spiritually advanced if you want to see the entities in the advanced planets, you can see them only through spiritual eye. For that, you need to be a yogi, I suppose :-) 

          • Hmmm , this i read in other articles too back in 2009 , by other articles i mean Not srimad bhagavatam or any other holy scriptures but articles regarding real human & alien encounters and the abduction cases of some people, where the abductees were taken aboard the spaceships and given the power of extraordinary sight to see creatures on the surface of other planets . The aliens im talking about looks totally like humans , they are friendly and benevolent and they are spiritually more advance than us and they told they live in astral or spirit like form and therefore our earthly eyes cannot see them.

            Im talkin' about the case of abductee George Adamski who met Venusian human looking aliens in a remote desert and from there onwards it all starts .

            Its a 100% real incident that happened way back in the 40s or 50s.

            and thanks to you Mr.Subash for letting me know that in Srimad Bhagawatam the nature of alien life on other planets are mentioned too, and i will definately read it :)

      • There are endless scriptures. In any religeon. Problem is most religeons to find actual truth beyond simple faith requires a self referencial search into the symbolism. There are faaaaar deeper meanings then on face value. But ultimately it is by studying you, yourself that you will come to know god inside and out.

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    Hare Krishna,

    Please accept my humble obeisances.

    Subash prabhuji, please check and listen below links



    also check below website for answers to many such questions


    please read Bhagawad Gita As It Is of Srila Prabhupada to understand all of such questions and many things about Krishna.


    please buy the hard copy if possible.

    also read this book wrote by HG Caitanya Prabhu which answers questions raised by some lame recent movie...


    Hare Krishna, Hari bol

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  • There are many beings who somehow desired to enjoy and God fulfilled there desires by creating many universes. There is also a program to bring them back to Godhead where they actually belong. As you mentioned all the universes that are created are eventually destroyed but it is not so with Godhead.
    • It seems you already have some concepts, then it is difficult.Not all beings populate the material universes as the majority reside in Godhead,75 percent.Also all beings are without beginning and end. They are eternal. It may greatly help if you read Bhagavad Gita As It Is. Just drop the challenging attitude if any.
      • Hare Krishna,

        I have read Bhagavad Gita As It Is, by His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada. I have posted this question cause I couldnt find the answer. Maybe I did not understand the teachings completely. By the grace of Krishna, I am almost free from the quality of ego. I just seek an answer and until I find the answer, I will be questioning. If I hadnt put such questions to myself in the first place, I would have still been in darkness. So, please be assured that I am not in an argumentative mood. I just seek a perfect answer.

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