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why was krishna lord giving me constant problems

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Usually it is not God's fault dear Mataji.

We get things in this world according to our own karma.

Krishna always wants us to be happy and to come to Him to spiritual world. But problem is with us, that we do not have even desire to call Him by regularly chanting His Names. 

Your servant

Hare Krsna mataji,


It is said that whatever problems we face in this lifetime is the result of our past life karmas. God is responsible for putting the rules in place, that if you do particular activity, it will result in particular karma. He is not responsible for our individual activity, hence He is not responsible for the karma that arises out of it and the suffering that arises out of it. I know it sounds very harsh, the fact is this that we are responsble for all the suffering that we are undergoing at any given point in time. Please bear with me and read the rest of the mail.

Maybe you can examine the nature of problems you are facing dear mataji. If it is the same nature of problems you are facing again and again, then it may be that your are not learning the lesson that life is trying to teach you. It is said that life has a way of teaching us what nobody else can teach us. The soul has to evolve and unless we learn the lesson that life is trying to teach, we will keep on facing the same nature of problems. Therefore, maybe you need to change your approach to how you are handling the problem. When we learn the lesson, then we will be faced with another problem, more challenging than the previous one.

That is how life is mataji - it is described as dukhalayam ashashwatam/ anityam asukham lokam - temporary and full of miseries in the Bhagavad Gita. Nobody came here to enjoy, everyone came here to struggle. Thats why the world is called a jail and we are the inmates because of our desire to lord it over the world.

There is an example of Maharani Kunti - at the end of the Kurukshetra war, when the lord was leaving the pandavas and returning to Dwarka, she prayed that all the problems should come back to them, because the lord was with them when they were in trouble, and is leaving them now that their problems have ended. We can also learn from the same mataji and use our problems to pray better, more sincerely and helplessly call out the names of the lord. This will help us progress spiritually.

- Look at it like this - if we didnt face problems, we would like the world very much and would never want to leave it to go back to the spiritual planets. Despite our problems, we are not able to give up the attachment to the material world and do not develop attachment for God.

I hope I have answered your question somewhat and have not offended you.

Your servant,



Hare Krsna

What ever you are facing please don't make a problem of anything.


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