Why astrology in ISKCON according to Purans

Hare Krishna ,

I just saw pdf newsletters on Astrology ,

Did ever Sirla Prabhupada said to learn it ,

And one more thing ,when we are Krishna councious

lets surrender everything in lotus feets of Krishna , why worry about future

and read this astrological text .. ?

Its waste of time , we should concentrate on Krishna rather our future !!

Hari Bol !!

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  • This article answers your questions nicely http://www.dandavats.com/?p=12941

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  • Hare Krishna Ashwani Prabhu,


    "lets surrender everything in lotus feets of Krishna , why worry about future"

    You are absolutely right.All devotees understand this, but not everyone is a devotee and those are the very people who come to astrologers for solutions. Astrological solutions are  a very good medium to provide Krishna conscious solutions for material people and inspire them to devotional service.

    If you ever get a chance, please consult a good vedic astrologer.He/she will tell you that astrology originates from the principle of creation and various forms of Narayan are explained there.Also every graha is propitiated with a mantra which actually propitiates an avatara of Narayan. If you read between words, Vedic astrology is full of Vishnu , be it a houses in a  horoscope(Vishnu Sthanas) or mantras. Anyone who studies it gets an opportunity to know so much about the lord. Infact it is said that someone who is not a Vishnu devotee can never be a perfect astrologer.

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      Hare Krishna dear Nama Priya Mataji, please accept my humble obeisances! all glories to Srila Prabhupada!

      then i am not a devotee at all. because i use astrology and i see that it can say much things about the past, present, even future.

      we should not be fanatic. we have to use astrology when we want to do some serious steps in life. if we can talk with Paramatma then it is ok. but if it is not so then we have to use this knowledge.

      Krishna uses our karma in order to purify us, in this way it is not true to say that our karma is washed away fully. it will be washed away for 70% when we attain the stage of Nishtha - firm faith.

      Astrology should be understood like this:

      there are special times when Lord Shiva does something or Lord Chandra , or Lord Surya or any other servants of Krishna do something.

      For example, Lord Shiva travels in the Sunset time with his followers which is not auspicious time for anything rather than spiritual practice.

       What to speak of Brahma Muhurta? Ekadashi - the position of Moon??? about Rahu???

      It is true that all those planets act under the control of Krishna and there is no doubt. but to decrease the value of astrology is not intelligent.

      please forgive Your servant, 

      • Hare Krishna Bhaktin Maral,


        Oh no!I am not demeaning astrology or saying anyone who follows is less of a devotee.I am in no position to do that!Please forgive me, if my words conveyed that meaning to you.If you closely look at my post, the second paragraph is telling how much Vedic astrology is full of Shri Vishnu .

        When a vedic astrologer  looks at someone's chart, they are able to  tell  the reason why the client is not able to have the conversation with the Paramatama all of the time.It is some blockage in karma which is not allowing that and which needs to be cleansed. It is for these puurposes that astrology should be used.

        You have correctly implied the significance of muhurthas.We certainly use the panchang for that.However their significance doesn't  rise above Krishna himself. To quote a small example

        The Kurukshtera war was supposed to begin on amavasya. Krishna knew that Kauravas would do the propititation pooja that day and may be favored by  destiny. So he started doing the pooja on the chaturdashi itself. This confused not only the Kauravas, but also the sun God and the moon God. The Kauravas thought Krishna couldn't be wrong so they assumed it was amavasya,and they did whatever they were planning to do on amavasya on the chaturdashi itself. However the sun God and moon God did not think like that.They came down and asked Krishna why he was doing this pooja when it was not amavasya? Krishna asked them,"Isn't amavasya declared when Sun and Moon are together?". The 2 Gods looked confused, but affirmed that what Krishna said was right.Then Krishna asked them, "so since two of you are here together, isn't it also amavasya?"

        By acting like this Krishna tricked all of them to get the destiny to favor Panadavas. There are many other examples from the war, such as Krishna tricking the kauravas by calling the eclipse time as dusk, which led kauravas to put down the weapons. As soon as the eclipse cleared, Krishna  asked Arjuna to attack the acharyas. These instances prove that astrological rules are created by Krishna, but they dont override him.His word is our dharma.This is not being fanatic.This is complete surrender.

        If the faith in Krishna is solid then who cares what comes to us and why? We take it as Krishna's will and accept it like that.

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        • I read Mahabharata and never came came across this incident that you mention. Could you please provide a citation so I can look it up.

        • Volunteer

          :-) yes! All glories to Krishna!!!! He can do everything in order to protect His Devotees!

          :-D :-D :-D 

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! all glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    When Krishna created this world He gave knowledge also how to use it as a guide.

    In this way Ayurveda and Astrology knowledge how to live properly and not to suffer much and not to do much unneeded mistakes in a very short life.

     For example, if we know Ayurveda we can live healthy up to 100 years. But people who does not know that end up with healthy life after 40-50 and crawl till 70-80.

    For example, if we know Ayurveda we will be able to protect ourselves from unneeded problems like sicknesses in the body which are obstacles for the spiritual life. (for example, i am sure that if one has an acidity won't think much of the Holy Names while chanting but about the burning stomach...).

     In this way Astrology is also used in order to choose proper times for some special events like:

    yagyas, marriage as Deepak Prabhu mentioned, child birth, child conception, choosing auspicious time so that child would have good health, good intelligence etc., contractions of Temples, houses, ....

    in this way these things Devotees use as an instrument as we use plain in order to go to the USA in order to save time. otherwise we could go there by ship or by swimming or by praying to Krishna so that He came to us in Garuda and take us to USA :-x

    Your servant,   

  • Astrology is an art and science. Only wise and blessed souls qualify to learn it properly. You need to have some planetary configuration to understand and interpret it. It is for wise like eyes are for us. Hari Bol!

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    Srila Prabhupada instructed only some of his disciples to learn astrology which can be used in KC. The devotees learning astrology use it for understanding cosmology, and predicting the life of couples after marriage, other predictions..

    Let's surrender everything to Krishna is a very nice platform to be in. But if we preach to the outside world directly starting with surrender, they may not take up. There are some class of people intellectually oriented, for them, the engagement of their intelligence in KC is done by reading astrology, cosmology etc. This gives a very good scientific foundation for Krishna consciousness and increases our faith in the scriptures too.

    Concentrating on K means engaging our senses, mind and words in the service of K. So if someone is engaging his intelligence and mind to convince others of vedic truths, that is also Krishna Consciousness.


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