I am not good in studies, I am not good in Bhakti, I am not good in Social Life, I am not good at Sports, Why am I not a good Brahmchari!

I am not good at anything. And I feel that I won't be able to spiritually progress and not even materially.

Why Krishna had to make me like this? (I know it's karma, but still why!!!!!)


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  • Hare Krishna 

    Everyone is good at something. Maybe you haven't discovered it yet or the people around you. As far as you being humble is concerned, I don't know but you do sound honest. Therefore, you are good with honesty as far as I am concerned. That's not too bad after all. In fact that is the best proposal. 

    Hare Krishna 

  • Hare Krsna,  

    Im also not at all good at all kinds of material activities . The only thing that gives me solace is kirtans of HH Kadamba kanana swami maharaj and HG Jahnavi devi Dasi mataji kirtans. 

    It's alright to feel not good at other activities.  Please concentrate on chanting and Krsna conscious activities.  I feel that only that can give you solace too and feel blessed in Nitai Gauranga's embrace . Please count on only Krsna conscious activities. 

    It might be a blessing to feel you are not good at material activities . If you feel you are not good at bhakti too , try to improve by chanting with kirtans .

    • Hare Krsna prabhuji,  

      Its difficult for me to chant by myself . So I chant with kirtans . Especially HH Kadamba kanana swami maharaj and HG Jahnavi devi Dasi mataji kirtans. It becomes very easy and very relishable. Its there is youtube . So many around 250 kirtans iv collected . So it's easy to chant whole day . Its mesmerizing.  Why don't you also try that approach? Its melodious and beautiful and easy too . Please try.  Your chanting will improve 100 fold .

      • I'll try that too. That's also a good creative approach. 

        I usually do Kirtans at home and Attend at the Hare Krishna Mandir. I mostly hear Kirtans from Lokanath Swami Maharaj and sometimes of Jagjit Singh as I like them a lot.



    • I am not good At Bhakti Either... I am a downgraded soul who doesn't even do chanting (Brutally Honest)

      • It as shame you have a tongue which you cannot use for chanting..?? 

        • :(

          • I do Chanting but not as frequently as you all do.

            I do like 4-5 Malas. That's what I meant. 


              I thought you cannot utter even single time. You are doing great!!!

              Don't worry too much 

              you are degrading urself simply. But you are way better than many who cannot even chant 1 time also.

              You are great

              Hare Krishna

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