My Dearest and Beloved Devotees,
Please accept my humble obeisance. All glories to Srila Prabhupada,

I want to know,
Why a true GURU/ pure Vaishnava (ISKCON GURU) sometimes suffers  in life, when by knowing that their past karma (sins) are actually purified by Krishna?

I am eagerfully waiting for the reply, Thank you very much in advance and forgive me if i hurt any of my dearest devotees.

My best regards ever,

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  • pure devotee never suffer , but they take the sins of others and suffer ...but we see them suffer but for them its krsna mercy

  • Volunteer

    It is like fan. When we turn of the fan it still continue to move for some time. So karma of Devotees are like that only. Like that moving fan and soon will stop.

    And also it may seem they are suffering but it is external. Pure Devotees do not disturbed by so called happiness and distress or material world. This body is meant for suffering but self realized soul may remain in this body at the same times be in bliss of Krishna Consciousness. 

    As like Bhishma Dev. He was lying in the bed of arrows but he was joyful. So externally we way think that they are suffering but it is not so.

    Your servant, 

    • Those devotees who aren't 100% surrendered for them fan example is applicable. But for pure devotees brahma samhita says -

      BS 5.54  - karmāṇi nirdahati kintu ca bhakti-bhājāḿ

      Refer BS 5.54 purport "those who are pure devotees always serve Kṛṣṇa by gratifying His senses forsaking all attempts of karma and jñāna, and being free from all desires save that of serving Kṛṣṇa. Kṛṣṇa has fully destroyed the karma, its desires and nescience of those devotees.".

      Externally we may see that the pure devotee is having fever, malaria, stroke or cancer. But the pure devotee never suffers and is always peaceful in the devotional service. SInce the pure devotees work 100% for satisfaction of krsnas senses, krsna operates through the senses of pure devotees. Krsna operates through the pure devotees in order to set an example of pure devotional service by creating the disease of fever malaria or cancer for the pure devotee. Also during such times the disciples of that pure devotee follow more faithfully the orders of the pure devotee and increase their love for their master. Eg:- if our father is sick and we're busy doing something, but he asks for water, we will immediately stop our work and give him water. Whereas if he were normal, we may tell him that "I'm busy, can you please take it".



  • I meant to say,

    sometimes they suffer from disease, sometimes they fall in some accidents. e.g, a few days ago, 2 gurus in a temple are shot dead by a bunch of dacoits.

    Please forgive me if  i hurt someone.

    • Dear Puchku Prabhuji,

      This world is full of misery. Even God faces misery in this world then what to speak of ordinary jivas.

      When Lord Krishna manifested in a human form,  Shishupala insulted Krishna as a cowherd boy and thus worthless to be honored as a king. He used many fowl languages against the Lord in front of assembly of all great Kings and respectable people.

      Krishna was also insulted by Duravasa Rishi by commanding him to pull His chariot.

      Krishna was killed by Jara (of pardhi community, i.e bird hunter community). 

      In this way, even Lord faced misery in this world. He could have easily avoided this misery by using His supernatural powers, but as he had manifested in a human form, He played the role of a human being.

      Even pure devotees of Lord face intolerable hardships. Lord Chaitanya and even Srila Prabhupada were insulted by many fallen jivas yet they never felt that how could Krishna tolerate His ideal devotee's misery.

      Krishna can never tolerate His devotee's misery. For eg., since Lord could not tolerate Prahlad's misery, He took a special avatar to kill his devotee's enemy father. The other example is of Lord Vishnu sending His sudarshan chakra after Durvasa Rishi as later had insulted his beloved devotee, King Ambarish.

      Krishna always protected Pandavas, His devotees, from kauravas.

      But Krishna may not directly take an avatar or send sudarshana chakra all the times to save His devotees. But this does not mean that He does not care for His devotee. Even when we are in a jungle where a ray of light does not pass, Krishna cares for us. Yet misery sometimes befall on us. This is not an act of time, karma and maya. What can time, karma and maya do to His devotees ? Nothing. Since we have surrendered our soul to Krishna whatever misery and happiness we feel is a result of Lord's will and not due to time, karma and maya. Whatever God does is always for our betterment. He is not our enemy but our best friend. 

      Hare Krishna from this servant of servant of Krishna,

      Harshikesh Bhattacharya

      • but if someone doesn't worship Krishna, do they simply welcome so many dangers in their lives? we know Krishna doesn't want our sufferings, but is it that Krishna can't help, they have to suffer for their karma.

        • Yes, those who have not surrendered their jiva unto Krishna, their sukha (happiness) and dukha (misery) are completely dependent upon time (kal), actions (karma) and illusion (Maya). Even Kal, karma and Maya are the instruments of Krishna. They can not do anything without the will and desire of Krishna. After all, Krishna is the Supreme controller. Even a grass/leaf can not move without His desire. 

          Krishna is the well-wisher of all the jivas but especially of His devotees. His devotees are extremely dear to Him, especially the gnani Bhakta i.e a devotee who has realized true spiritual knowledge. 

          Krishna will always protect His devotees from dangers. Whereas, those who have not taken shelter of Krishna, are just living lives at their own risk. Even if Krishna wants to help them, He can not, as the degree of Krishna's protection depends upon a jiva's extent of surrender unto Him.

          For Krishna, devotees and non-devotees are not equal. For Him only devotees comes first. Of four kinds of devotees, the gnani devotee is His favourite.

          Hare Krishna from this dasanudasa,

          Harshikesh Bhattacharya


          • Hare Krsna Harshikesh Prb ji,

            U explain very well.. as our past karma is the main reason of suffering in this material world, but whenever we surrender himself god and its also depend upon the % of that surrender, god always help us to remove this suffering from our life.. but this does not mean they remove all this suffering in a single way, u have to bond to suffer ur past karma and with help of god they just remove some of our suffering from their worship and other parts will be suffer by us to purified our body as well as soul...

            your servant.

      • Thank you so much Prabhuji..

        Its got clear now.

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