wht shuld i do

hare Krishna! I used to share everything wid my cousin since childhood n he used to do d same...he is living away from his family for studies n he had so many problems in his love life personal life too...he used to share a all DAT wid me n I told him abut Krishna DAT tym...he feels relaxed ..usually he don't believe in Krishna BT Krishna gave him so clues through my prayers DAT he now believe in him.. BT he never say anything BT I know he believe s him too...Krishna also gave him a chance to visit his iskcon..he is good at heart BT had so many unpurified thoughts..BT dats okay..he is really nice....BT I had make a mistake today..he told me something abut his love life n i felt DAT was silly n usually when he talks abut his sorrows I take it as my sorrow...u know I felt very sad for d peple who suffered .. I generally becomes sad by listening their sorrows ..I don't know BT I take their sorrows as mine and always prayed to kanha to overcome DAT...BT DAT day when he told me abut his sorrow...in drunk situation ..I was just sooooo irritated DAT I can't control myself...he says sorry later for dis BT I told him d truth DAT I get upset by hearing all u r sorrows....n I think...I made a mistake kanha also gave me clue DAT I had mistaken...n he is hurt,..now why to do..how to make his heart again to trust me....he would not now tell me anything...BT I m feeling very bad I said Sory to him..he says he had forgive me...BT it seems ADT he hasn't I mean I clearly knows him..n he is hurt ..his status his behaviour everything shows....he is very good....natured person..he alwasss help me in mine sorrows BT wht should I do now..how to get his trust back...he cried for me a lot too....I had made a huge mistake by doing diss....

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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krishna,

    You have to keep faith that Krishna is your best friend. You have to prioritise between Krishna & him. 

    He may be a very good person but you never know who will take you away from Krishna. But Krishna will never fail.

    It's the age and emotional attachment which is causing sorrow but it will fade away with time when he gets married and is busy in his job & family life.

    You were correct to give him Krishna Consciousness so don't regret for that. People will get what is best for them as per Lord's arrangement.

    Chant Hare Krishna & be happy.

    Keep on touch for further clarifications.

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    • u r right...BT how to avoid DAT emmotionl attchmnt....as I m deeply attached to him since childhood .Its very difficult 4 me
      • E-Counselor

        Yes I agree that the attachment has been there for long and it difficult to avoid, but as I said earlier when you know your priorities then you will get the strength.
        Like when people preparing for Final or Entrance exams are so engrossed studying that they forget sleeping and eating. They even avoid TV & friends for few days. This is possible because they have their priorities and they are able to avoid things which are unavoidable in normal life. Where from they get their strength? Obviously they know that for higher goals some sacrifices have to be done. 

        Similarly you also have set a higher goal, that is Krishna. He wants your wholehearted dedication not half or one-fourth.  

        I'm not telling you to avoid him fully but when he is dependent on you for every emotional breakdown then how will he grow. For his benefit, pls let him fly his own plane and once in a while you have to ask his well being. That is all. Automatically after few days or weeks you can see the change that he can stand on his own and bear any kind of breakdown. You will always be happy for that.

        Chant Hare Krishna & Be Happy. Pls take care.

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