Whom do I worship

Actually I had a dream from Krishna to follow his one form and later I see myself praying to Vitthala. I am confused because I feel attracted towards all his forms ; Krishna , Bal gopal , Vishnu , Vitthala etc. Please Help

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  • Krishna is happy camper, try to practice jojoininHim in that mood.
    Krishna has plesent disposition, we are to serve Hi's mood, not superimpose our problems needs & desiers onto Him. As for attatuds & devotions.
  • Om Jaya Raadhaa Maadhaba namaha dandabata pranaam,
    Lord Raadhaa Krishna holding a murali, wearing a tulasi maalaa, surrounded by cows, GOPis in the forest of vrinda an is the supreme worshippable deity. It is important to worship both guru and bhagawan. So please keep Shrila prabhupaada deity too.
    My heartiest wishes for your upliftment in devotional service to Lord Govinda gopinath. Keep tulasi Devi for worship as she gives pure love​ of Lord Krishna.
    Hare Krishna
  • All glory to the intellectual Superstars of Creation those who seek Krishna by 1st. Accepting/seeking Vishnu's faver is surly to sucseed as The Name Vishnu means He who is all pervasive/ existing everywhere. In/from Vishnu alone Our potentuel for the experience of light & wisdom in this world Orragenats so. As was nicely said keep things in proper contexts ask them to help you serve Krishna & Krishna's Vushnavahs? As mentioned' they are Krishna's primary Gov. Officers & Officials. So they to be hearing the mantra & also recieving the benefits of it's invigorating purafying affects?
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    In this age, we are focused on Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. 

    He appeared 500 years ago to distribute Love of Godhead, freely

    Which makes it possible for all of us to chant the Names of the Lord, in the form of Sankirtan.

    Sankirtan is the method at large for the fallen souls in Kaliyuga. It was started by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, who is the Krishna Himself, who appeared as a devotee.

    No matter which ever form you are attracted to, become a part of Sankirtan (refers to group chanting Sang means group) and Nagar Sankirtan.

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    Hare Krsna Mataji,


    Only you know which form attracts you the most. Initially, you may not know. Simply meditate and pray to all forms until you are able to figure out which form of the lord attracts you the most. This is just a suggestion.

    If I were in your place, I would meditate only on harinaam - the name form of the lord and chant mahamantra. 


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

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