Hare Krishna to all devotees, Pranam.

i am having a question that whose responsibility is to feed and take care of general nature, household insects and animals? I have listened that God feeds everyone, from elephant to ants. But same time there is rule that grihasth has responsibility to give food to snakes lizards ants etc at their home. If he doesn't than it adds karma. Also, many animals die daily due to hunger or summer heat as per news reports. So it seems that if we don't feed them, they will die, so where's god's maintenance in these cases exactly?


we see that cows are suffering in garbage lands, eating plastic wraps, and they also get injured by glass pieces in their feets. And we could not do much anything about this only lament by seeing their condition. The whole social economic system is changed and no one has time and money to keep animals at homes

So do humans need to take anxiety for these things or should we let god manage this? Afterall It's god's creation, we humans are already struggling with Our own karmic reactions and problems in life, to work half day to earn bread, then We also have goal to go back home godhead this life. So ultimately what should be the proper understanding for this?



thank you for reading.

Your servant 

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  • Yes, grhastha should take care of animals in his house. But he can't take care of the whole forest. Sri Krisna, or more directly Prakriti, feeds all beings. She is Annapurna. Hunger and heat are within the material realm so karma is at work. Keeping the environment clean is our job.

    Hari Hari
    ys J.

    • Okay I got the point now. Thank you very much for taking time to reply this




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