Hare Krishna ..If Krishna(God ) Made Humans Being and all Thing Like animal Insects.. So  Who Made God? And How ..( मेरा प्रश्न यह है की बगवान को किसने बनाया या वो कैसे बने..क्योकि मेरे मन में ये सवाल आता है तो में भक्ति में पीछे हट जाता हु)  PLz GIve me Answer..

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  • Sri Guru , Gauranga jayatu

    Prabhupada says "God is never made or manufactured . God is God." Now I see that you desire to trace out the root of everything, the source, the beginning point. Well bhagvatam answers this - tat krsna is the beginning, middle and end of everything and yet he has no beginning (janmady asya...).we shud accept this point in this way from authority. This is descending process of knowledge.

    *Now u have used the word "made" - whu made God?.
    'Made 'points to the past tense. This brings into picture, the time factor.
    Now there is time in spiritual world Nd material world. But in spiritual world time is eternal,ie it doesn't have past or future. There is only eternal present, thus there is no birth death old-age detoriation ageing etc . Time simply is present there to serve the lord in his pastimes and nothing more.

    But in the material world, the time has a different purpose and function. It has 3 phases- past , present,future. This time factor is the cause of everything being temporary here.it is under this time, there is creation(from bramhandas up to a Speck of dust) and detoriation and finally annihilation. There is ageing, there is change etc.. there is beginning and its end.

    Material time is like an alternating quantity - something begins at some point, goes around and ends, then new this comes up , goes around and ends. Nothing is constant, everything changes.
    But spiritual time is like a dc component- always constant, it doesn't change anything. So anything tat happens within the timeframe of spiritual time is an eternal reality. So everything in spiritual world is eternal and ever-existing. But the material world (material universes) are created at a particular time (it actuates by the glance of mahavishnu upon prakrti. Then the agitation of time factor along with the modes continues everything ahead).

    We think we were created, but no. The bodies are created. But we existed always. Only when we fall into the material world we are subjected to experience of temporary Ness . before fall down we were out of this material world , in the arena of eternal time. Thus we say we are eternally present and that we are not created, we only feel like we have been created at some point of time .because now v are IN the material world.so we are unable to conceive of anything that is beginning less. Same way bhagavan also exist eternally, he has no past (infact even this time is a energy of krsna , how can the function of this time control krsna. That will make God to be subordinate to time if he was MADE).

    This is how some idea has been given by our Acharyas .but still this is oly to theoretically convince you.but u really have this ontological understanding wen u will have the divine eyes tat can behold the nature of transcendence.

    We being finite entities, can't possibly capture or swallow up the infinite supreme entity. Because we don't have that capacity, this is common sense. If we could grasp the complete understanding of God with our limited brains weighing some kgs through the cognitive facilities of our senses and extended senses, then that would make God an insignificant entity.
    So only in knowing God we have to accept the descending process of knowledge as it is coming through the parampara. Otherwise any other attempts to know this subject matter divorced from the idea given in sastra, we will only be baffled and become static. We will neither practice bhakti Nd advance nor will we get our doubts cleared. so let's not make ourselves non productive.

    Krsna says those whu are always doubtful, and don't have faith will neither be happy in this life nor the next.

    So initially have faith in sastra, practice it, wen u become spiritually advanced, ull be mature enough to realise how all this is true.

    Hare krsna
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  • Hare Krishna! Dandavat Pranam!

    Please read 'Introduction' and Chapter 2 of Bhagavad Gita to get the answers and fundamentals of 'Aatma tatva' (philosophy of soul).

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Think about it - if someone made God, then that person is God, right? How can anyone make God.

    He is described in the scriptures as adi purusha, purana purusha. 

    In one sense, even jivatma are not created by God, because jivatma is also eternal, like God. The difference is in the quantity. 

    Why do you go behind in bhakti for such a small thing? Is it not sufficient at this stage to think, God is superior to all of us. 


    YOur servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD


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