hare krishna to all my dear devotees. m sorry if i hurt any of my devotee sentiments.

who is maya ? is material world maya ? who is controlling it?

there are 8.4 million species of life and some are very happy. they are floating in water, live in mountains, live on trees n so on.  one big species ( animal or something else) eat small species n live happily. no more tension n stress, small species also happy bcos somehow it knows m food of my big fellow freind who will consume me one day .

so this material world is dukhayalam but only for human beings ?? not for other species of life ???

material world also consist of beautiful nature like mountains, rivers, big dams, seas,

BHAGWAD GEETA says lord krishna glanced over the material nature then whole cosmic manifisation was created.so it mean he created maya ( ILLUSION )??

How beautiful lakes, mountains, rivers, forests can be called ilusion ????

krishna asked brahma to create material world or maya ??

who is durga devi ? is she controlling material world ??? but in krishna book its written brahma created material world , vishnu maintains it n lord shive annihilates it ? so where does concept of maya n role of  durga devi fits in ?? please explain?

please clarify above points.  all glories to srila prabhupada.


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    • If you won't take the words of Srila Prabhupada as they are then how do you expect anyone else to convince you?
      Day is temporary and so is night but the cycles of day and night have been in existence for so long that even the scientists do not know.
      Likewise after this universe will come another universe but the principal is same. Material nature will remain.
    • Hare Krsna Dean Prabhu
      Whether unmanifested(pradhana) or manifested(prakriti), they are eternal.
      It is well mentioned by Srila Prabhupada in the introduction to Bhagavad Gits As It Is that out of these five:
      1) The Supreme Lord.
      2) The living entity.
      3) Time.
      4) Prakriti or material nature(Here manifested and unmanifested).
      5) Karma.
      Only karma is not eternal and rest are all eternal.
      • thats a really awesome post Friend. Look into the meanings of Numbers or..."Numerology". The way you numbered them was pretty good lol. I find the lack of coincidence as always, entertaining.

  • Hare krishna, Nice question.......what is this maya.........Frist of all understand what is maya......"Maya looks but it doesnt have reality,but Krishna is there but he doesnt looks"......So You asked what is maya......Maya is external energy of Lord krishna....which is given responsibility to play hide and seek with conditioned soul....who want to enjoy separatly with maya(which is not).....When you are in service of krishna....There is no maya......actually when we go for own sense gratification, maya shows his effect.....otherwise when you are with/in  krishna consciousness activities....you are safe.....so enjoy the life to advance in krishna consciousness...that will help.....Hare krishna.....ji....thanks for such a nice question......

  • Hare Krsna
    Maya is the separated, external energy of the Supreme Lord.
    She is eternal like the living entities so there is no question of the time of her creation.
    She takes care of those living entities who want to enjoy separately from the Lord.
    In other words she keeps the rebellious souls in a state of forgetfulness so that they can continue with their enjoying propensities.
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