• If devotee do not succeed  to attract the Lords attention in this life, may try it in the next, but one should understand clearly the difference between servants of Lord and those on the path, who didn't become yet.  

  • Very true, Lord Krishna tests his sincere devotees while they are crossing the material ocean of calamities and distress and eventually showers his mercy upon them. Hare Krishna!!
  • For those who have utterly & (sent per sent) desided to renounce the material existence & return back to our orragins "in the spiritual Skys, a formula has been given. "All that you do, all that you say, all that you eat offer or give away, should be done as a sacrifice to Vishnu." & in that way at the end of this physical existence, haven renounced all karma's good & bad as a sacrifice, in the end you will go to Him" Vishnu! Krishna gives this formula of salvation to all with the aim of leaving the material realms for the spiritual. However, under normal circumstance inclusiveness is Darma (life's duty). This is what is expected of us bear minimum, therefore if you choose to return home or remaining hear in the material realms. Renounce all things material to inherit all things spiritual, or to live a life of exceptance of all things material & Spiritual and simply evolve Karmicly according to our accrual worthiness.if there is any such thing as being deserving of God's faver? I reckon God can exist in or out of our lives, eather way we are in the realm of God by my thinking. As the demigod s are He's subordinates as well!?
  • Persons who fully surrender at the lotus feet of Lord and always think of His lotus feet, are accepted and recognized by the Lord as His own personal assistants or servants. The Lord never bestows upon such servants the opulences of the  of this material world. When one possesses material opulence, his possessions naturally increase his enmity, anxiety, mental agitation, pride and belligerence. Thus one goes through much endeavor to increase and maintain his possessions, and he suffers great unhappiness when he loses them.

     Lord, forbids His servants to endeavour for religion, economic development and sense gratification, therefore, servants of Lord do not live comfort life. 
    Those who do not carry the dust of the lotus feet of Lord or His true pure devotee, hearts does not melt, hair does not stand on end, and tears doesn't flow when remembering the Lord. 
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