Hare Krishna Prabhu, 

    I was doing 16 rounds of Chanting  from this year, and as I got involved with Temple service, like doing service in Kitchen at Iskcon Temple, my chanting has come down to 8 rounds.

Especially during Festival times, There is more Kirthen service  right from moring till  night.

My chanting has come down .

Pls enlighten me . Which service is important , Chanting or Temple service ?

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  • I have also been working in the kitchen services for couple of the years and its true that in the special occasions it will be difficult to complete the chanting. But we should br focused and well determined that our first and the foremost service is the chanting 16 rounds with concentratiin and prayers..what i do is i chant more then 10 or posible 16 rounds so that i cant be doing my service more nicely.if u have such problems then you might need to add more devotee in service or you might talk straight that until i finish 16 i will stay aloof..else it shall be difficult as we are not in the purest stage...plz consult to seniors..or manage to fit chanting and cooking at the same time...best advise chant early morning..jaya
  • Those who voluntary do intensive service  for Lord are  for sore blessed souls, but the progress in spiritual life can be achieved only trough the  association of those who already waked transcendental pure and deep love for Lord.

    Similar situation is with chanting to, where the sound vibration of pure devotee can not be compared on any level with sound vibration of those who are in the process to become one.

    If we forget about such blessed  association for the moment, we can consider the state of mind during the service and state of mind during the chanting are on the same level of importance.

    The activity of the mind and state of the heart are all whats matters, no matter what you physically do.

    Those who do even minor  service,  but  remember the Lord and thinking : '' Oh, I hope the Lord will be pleased with me with this minor service. Im so fallen and sinful therefore I don't deserve anything from Him. Let His pleasure be the only reward to me,...''   are for sore on good way  to melt the heart. 

    Such humble devotee, even if he/she doesn't chant at all,  is more dear to Lord then proud sannyasi acarya.

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