• Hare Krishna,

    dear devotees,

    As far i know Visnu and Shiva saharanama are mentioned in Mahabharata which is a bonafide scripture.

    please kindly give scriptural reference of authenticity of Ganesh and Durga sahasranamas if possible.

  • Hare krishna,

    a trait of Krishna Bhakti is about being desirelessness, and people genrally do demigod worship to fulfill their desires aslong as you listen/sing the above mentioned dieties sahsra namavalies as their  devotee  choosing one of them its fine, its fine even if you see all the dieties as parts of krishna and worship them but do not ask them anything (bhukti / mukti).If you are gonna ask them ask for desires which help you in progress in your devotional service.

    Your servant


  • All are authentic

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