Which is Older- Tamil or Sanskrit?

Hare Krishna!

I have a question. It may not be directly related to Krsna consciousness. But its important.

There are two claims-

1) Those who believe in Vedas say Sanskrit is spoken even in heaven, it is deva vani, Brahma also speaks Sanskrit and Rga Veda(earliest Veda) was also in Sanskrit. Till Dvapara Yuga, Sanskrit was prevalent. Tamil was taught by Lord Siva to Sage Agastya. It is as per Ramayana or Rama carita Manasa or other versions. So, Sanskrit is not only oldest, but divine language too.

2) Those who disbelieve in Puranas, Itihasas and just rely on Aryan Invasion Theory, scientific research, archaeological evidence, say that Tamil is Dravidian language and indigenous to India and is oldest. Sanskrit was given by Aryans who invaded later on. Tamil is oldest. many South Indians argue like this. They don't even sometimes believe that Gita and Ramayana in Sanskrit are authentic. They are interpolated.

So, What Our Acaryas say and scriptures mention?

Please enlighten.

Jai Srila Prabhupada

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  • Hare Krishna, this is Rasika Govinda Das born in south india...Tamil people say in general Tamil is oldest language but they often mean language among the human being speaks ..in that list sanskrit is not included because sanskrit is the language of God...Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita chapter 4 text 1..Krishna spoke Bhagavad gita to sun god vivasvan millions of years ago....all vedic mantras are composed in saskrit which is emanated from the supreme lord Krishna when the creation started...

    • The oldest written text found in archaeological excavation is in Tamil hence the claim that Tamil is oldest . However Tamil has some words taken from Sanskrit so it is easy to say Sanskrit is older . According to sastra written sastric texts in Sanskrit were available in early Kaliyuga for non intelligent people of kaliyuga.

       Rasika Govinda Das Prabhu has given a nice reply .

      Additionally most Tamilians will not accept anything other than Tamil . They are believers of Aryan invasion theory devised by British and Sanskrit being the language of Aryans. This is unfortunate but true.

      Below is the clarification by BBC on Aryan Invasion theory and its impact on India.


      • Volunteer

        Most dont tend to accept other Indian languages. However, they do accept English.

        They see no point in learning Hindi, as all communication happens in English and not even Tamil, at least as far as I know. That includes education, universities, etc.

  • Modern scientists  dont accept God or demigods to exist, then how can anyone trust them.

    Humans are not  even being created when the sanscrit was existed between the celestials and rishis.

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