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This is the topic of my discussion. Recently, I had a friend who wore a tulasi neckbeads with a semiprecious stone in it. She told me that the gemstone has strong vibration in her life ever since she wore it than her previous neckbeads which is simple with tulasi beads only. She told me that she experience more happines in her life, and also financially. But she did not tell me anything in detail. So I was thinking in my own thoughts, which is the most valuable between this precious gemstone and krishna consciouness? When I was a karmi, I used to wear crsystals as a bracelet. But it did not give any difference in my life. Some astrologer predicted that my birth gemstone is emerald, which I did not take interest in it. Please give me a good reply here. I am totally confused here....


Hari Bol!

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  • Jai Shri Krishna..


    Seeking comfort in this material world is like a moth seeking that glow from the candle,  going towards it to end up in death!  Maya is very strong and to break its bonds we take the support of Krishna.  You cannot put value on God.  That Tulasi mala, each bead is so valuable that we cannot fathom it.  Priceless, and what have she put in it..a semiprecious stone created from minerals,  these days any precious and semi precious stones like Gems and Diamonds are produced in Laboratories.  They are real although man made and they do have more shine since impurities are not present in the Lab.  Putting more faith in Gemstones and such instead of Tulasi Mala is a big mistake. 


    Tulasi Mala will guarantee you a place at the Lotus feet of Krishna but a gemstone might get you a temporary relief from material discomforts and a chance to experience hell.  You decide which is more valuable..

    Tulabharam (weighing by scale)

    Satyabhama prided herself about the love Krishna had for her and her grasp over his heart. On one contrived occasion, Rishi Narada arrived in Dwarka and in the course of conversation hinted to Satyabhama that the love that Krishna exhibits towards her is not all that real and in fact it is Rukmini(the first wife of Krishna) who has real control over his heart. Unable to bear this, Satyabhama challenged Narada to prove it. Narada, with his way with words, tricked her into accepting a Vrata (ritual) where she has to give Krishna away in charity to Narada and reclaim him by giving the weight of Krishna in wealth. Narada lured her into accepting this vrata by telling her that Krishna’s love to her will increase many folds if she succeeds in performing this Tulabharam. He also instigated her ego by hinting that her wealth may not be sufficient to equal the weight of Krishna. With Satyabhama's ego duly raised, she told Narada that she can mobilize so much wealth that it is a child’s play for her to outweigh Krishna. Narada warned her that if she is not able to do this, Krishna will become his slave to be done with as he pleases.

    The scene was soon set for the vrata. Satyabhama gave Krishna away in charity (dana) in spite of the other wives’ pleadings. Krishna, always the mischievous cowherd, meekly submitted to this drama. After donating Krishna to Narada, Satyabhama arranged for a big scale to be put up and sends with all assurance for her huge treasure of gold and jewellery. All that she has is soon put on the scale, but it didn’t budge. Narada started taunting her and threatening her that if she can’t put enough gold or diamonds, he will be forced to auction Krishna as a slave to someone else. Satyabhama, in frantic panic, swallowed her pride and begged all the other wives to give their jewels. They agreed out of love for Krishna but alas, it is of no use.

    Krishna remained a mute witness to all this drama and rubbed salt into the open wounds of Satyabhama’s ego that he has now to become a slave to some cowherd and will have to suffer the separation from his dear wife. Narada suggested to Satyabhama that Rukmini may be able to get her out of the predicament. She finally swallowed her pride and appealed to the devoted first wife of Krishna. Rukmini came and with a prayer to her husband put a single leaf of the sacred Tulasi on the scale (tula). Lo and behold, the scales became all at once so heavy that even after removing all the jewels, the scales were weighed down on the side of the Tulasi leaf.



    Also read here..very important for all vasihnavas: http://www.vrindavan-dham.com/vrinda/vrinda-devi.php



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