Which is Better: Spirituality or Religion?


Secularism or materialism will never bring the desired peace and happiness in the world because by nature everyone has their own separate self interest, which will inevitably conflict with someone else's self interest. Therefore for genuine world peace there must a common center for all, a God-centered conception, to which everyone can subordinate themselves. This will bring everyone together on a common platform. In this way everyone can act for God's interest instead of their own interest and be fully happy and peaceful.

But if religion is introduced in a sectarian way, problems will still persist. Sectarian religion is very divisive. It pits those of one religion against those of different religions to such an extent that they sometimes even kill and torture each other. Therefore non-sectarian religion, i.e. spirituality, is what is needed in the world today in order to bring in the much desired peace. In other words we must approach God scientifically and not sentimentally. One who is learned in the science of God will not find fault with someone for calling out to the Lord with a different name from the name that he uses to address the Lord.  Just as the sun has many different names in many different languages, but is still only one sun, in a similar way God is one, although He has many different names according to the many different world languages.

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