feeling of intensive separation from krishna is so heavy for living entity or jiva,

that even residing in worse hellish planets its seems like a paradise ,comparing to that feelings.

on another side , seeing krishna can be very nice and pleasant experience.

this is my opinion.

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  • Hare Krishna. In short: The feeling of separation from Krishna by the conditioned jiva in the material world who has just awakened to the general facts of Krishna consciousness is one thing, and the feeling of separation of eternally liberated souls in Goloka Vrindavan is a completely different thing. For the eternal associates of Krishna, so-called suffering, in separation or otherwise, is also bliss. We have to remember this. There may be similarities between material and spiritual emotional states, but it only goes so far in that the material are a (twisted, and much weaker) reflection of the spiritual. And the spiritual are millions of times more intense and cannot be experienced in a material body. So, this situation where we enjoy happiness in the presence of our object of pleasure and feel pain and misery in its absence does not work in the spiritual world. (Thank God for that.) The sadhus say krishna prema cannot be experienced while in a material body. This is the opinion of the scriptures. I said in short, because there are so many volumes written on these things and one would do well to study scriptures by the six Goswamis, if possible, and other pure Vaisnavas. Krishna consciousness can be a little tricky when you need factual testimony, since no one who has seen Krishna, even if present, will say he has seen Him. Interesting, isn't it? They say humility and intense desire helps to develop bhakti to see Him sooner...

  • feeling...not by seeing....because he is all arround the world...he is the universe according to viswarup jog(at 11 chapter bhagbadgita)...but all cannot see..only holy spirit...can see. so feeling with hare krishna mantra is only way to come nearer to him and attach with him upto death

  • there is no difference in the name, form, quality and passtimes of the Lord....everything gives intense pleasure; :-)

    • harekrishna

      my opinion face to face seeing was best... separation is painful viraha but radharani maiya was never separated from krishna.... we have to develop that bhava by chanting krishna is always with us dancing on ur lips  sorry for any aparadh from my opinion haribol 

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