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    Pure Desi Cow Ghee (clarified butter) prepared by vedic method from the milk obtained from indigenous breed of Gir cows. Desi ghee is suitable for,

    ● daily cooking

    ● offering in Yagna sacrifices or other religious purpose

    ● as a medicine to treat various debilitating diseases

    ● fit to be used in panchkarma therapy

    ● as nasal drops for improving sinusitis and eyesight.

    Pure Desi Cow Ghee is made of cow’s pure & fresh milk using the traditional standards, the cows are kept in a stress free environment. They are given fodder & concentrate produce of our own farmlands along with clean water to keep them in healthy state.

    Cow Ghee (Clarified Butter)
    Buy online Pure Cow Ghee (unsalted clarified butter), from native Indian Gir Breed. Mostly used in India for cooking recipes, baking or any ayurvedic…
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