where to stay in govardhan parikrama ?

hare krishna,



             i am planning to go to govardhan parikrama, need contact details of dharmashala and guest house where i can stay and practise sadhana nicely.

              date 24 oct to 26 oct.

            please give contact so that i can book in advance or after reaching govardhan.

            also mention how we need to arrange prasad in govardhan area.

            pls mention check list for yatra ,spl in govardhan area , do' and don'ts




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  • Prabhuji,
    I would request u , not to stay in govardhan.If u have a typical city outlook, then the place will not have enough amenities to keep u engaged or concentrated.However it is the most auspicious place on earth for sadhana and seva.

    You should stay in Vrindavana. There is a place called Sukha Dham , which is 15 mts walk from Krishna Balarama Temple.
    I would request u to contact Ramdev Maharaj who is a Purohit and a Braja Jan , who is a great Vaishnava and he is a great guide. He will be serving another devotee on 23rd and 24th October.However you should..definitely contact him on this number 09719319041. He can followup some arrangements for u.

    It is said that u should enter Braj in the company of a Braj jan and not even a Braj Vasi. A Braj Vasi is a person who is a resident of Braj.However a Braj jan is a person who is born and brought up in Braj and such persons are personal associates of the Lord.

    i was in Braj from 4th October to 11th October and the experience was Transcendental.Please do not miss the opportunity to contact Ramdev Maharaj.he will be of very great help.If u can do some Seva for him it will be well and good.

    Be careful in Braj and take care that u do not commit any aparadh there.it is advisable that u go with somebody who is referred to u. You can refer my name "rajesh Parameswaran" to ramdev maharaj and he will take personal care of u.

    There is a whole lot of Rahasya waiting for u Prabhu...wish u all the best......

    In govardhan u can visit
    1. radha Kund
    2.Shyam Kund
    3.Kusum sarovar
    4.Manasi Ganga
    5.Jagannath Temple
    6.Govardhan Mukh

    If possible meet "Madhusudhan Maharaj" who is my aradhya and he can give u many secrets of Sadhana in Govardhan.He has a small mutt in Govardhan. ramdev maharaj will be able to take u to Madhusudhan maharaj's kutiya.

    Trust me..u will have a great time..All the best

    Hari Bol

    Your humble servant
    Rajesh parameswaran
  • hare krishna Prabhuji,

    I am not sure about private arrangements. I know few devotees in Sri Sri RadhaBanabihari Temple near kusum Sarovar
    It is owned by Brajvasis but ISKCON devotees are also there
    You can contact them tell my name and see if you can stay there

    Hari hari
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