• HG Kratu Prabhu is in Delhi currently,

    I am from Aligarh(just 80 km from Vrindan Dham) & Kratu Prabhu  is looking after preaching in Aligarh & the plan is to make Aligarh as his base.

    I am in personal touch with him. If you need his email id or personal phone no, then pls let me know

    your servant


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      Hari Bol ,

      Dhananjay Prabhu .

      No ,i just need his lecture's they are so sweet .

      All glories to you ..

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    Thank You for Your inquiry Ashwani Kumar Prabhuji! Your request is accepted and IDT sevaks are trying to get his lectures again. 

    Your servant, 

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      Thankyou Mata ji ,

      Thankyou very much !!

      Very happy .. Hari Bol !!

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    that's about all i can say. I think i read he is in charge of Srila Prabhupada's Samadhi Mandir in Vrindavan?

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    Please tell me any one of his disciple ..

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