• The Subtle Body is also endowed with senses and is aware of the pains and pleasures of this world. The soul is covered by these two forms: Gross Matter and Mind, Intelligence and Faulse Ego. When we suffer or enjoy it is through these coverings we experience such dualities. This is explained in the 5th Canto of Srimad Bhagavatam. To avoud all such suffering through Material Happiness and Distress we need to take shelter of Devotional Service and the Transcendental Pleasure of Pleasing the Lord and being Pleased by Him.. Hare krsna...
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    all glories to guru and guaranga
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  • Hare Krishna,

    All Glories to Sri Sri Guru & Gauranga !!! All Glories to Srilaprabhupada !!!

    As krishna explained in bhagavad Gita body is made of 5 material elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Eether and 3 Subtle elemnts Mind, Intelligence and Falso Ego.. when a person accumulate karma all the karma its good or bad it will be recorded in the subtle elements.. At the end of the life according to our karma we will get the next body so when the soul is transfering to next body this substle elements also goes along with soul.. so this soul and subtle body takes the particular forms according to our karma so surely subtle body feels the pain a lot when its go to hell.. its enjoyes when its go to heaven... but when the person is getting Liberation he will leave all 8 material elements in this material world and only soul goes to the spiritual planet... hare krishna.

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    • hare krishna dandavat pranam prabhuji
      all glories to guru and guaranga
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      is the pain we feel is like the material pain , lik we feel now . for the material body we hav nervous system does the subtle body has nervous system
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      • The soul is always covered by the subtle body. The gross body changes to accomodate particular sufferings and pleasures as a result of Karmas, Activities. The subtle form remains untill the soul is liberated from Mater... The Subtle senses are much more Sensative and Actute than our gross senses. Therefore the suffering of the soul in purgetory, Yama's Kingdom, are unbearable and the soul prays for death, but death dose not come...
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