Hare Krishna

Two days back one of my friend uploaded a picture of RadhaKrishna as her profile pic...where Madhav ji was in dark complexion. her friends post good comments in the beginning, but later some friends started making a joke on the Lord and his complexion.

Comparing Radha Krishna wth my friend and her husband who is also dark in color.....i found that distressing and posted my expressions on it....

Seemed as if I am a minority...I dont know how should I feel like. 

I am sure, if people would have commented similarly about other religions, devotees of that religions would have reacted ...but why do we do not protect our religious values.


I have attached a file...posted the url of the discussion...also some interaction was in bengali language so I have translated it whereever local language was used.

Please provide your suggestions.


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    • Ya. I went through the excel file. In my tiny mobile screen I could not see the translation earlier
    • Have they stopped ?
      • Please open the excel file...i have translated wherever Bengali language was used.

    • Sorry, ignore previous comment
    • I could not understand the bengali statements
    • Ya.I ha
    • This is exactly I felt.....but somehow remembering Sri Krishna controlled my first reactions....posted a normal objection....that guy reverted saying ' will do....have done right....keep quiet....ur interfering in matter of others" I hope you have checked the excel file when I posted the translation of wht he said.

      I just wish....Iskcon devotees of Sri Krishna post remarks on them.


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