Hare Krishna

Two days back one of my friend uploaded a picture of RadhaKrishna as her profile pic...where Madhav ji was in dark complexion. her friends post good comments in the beginning, but later some friends started making a joke on the Lord and his complexion.

Comparing Radha Krishna wth my friend and her husband who is also dark in color.....i found that distressing and posted my expressions on it....

Seemed as if I am a minority...I dont know how should I feel like. 

I am sure, if people would have commented similarly about other religions, devotees of that religions would have reacted ...but why do we do not protect our religious values.


I have attached a file...posted the url of the discussion...also some interaction was in bengali language so I have translated it whereever local language was used.

Please provide your suggestions.


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  • Very  beautiful deity....lord krishna and mata radha rani both r looking very beautiful

  • Hare Krishna

    Thank you all for sharing my distress.

  • To The One who has sprinkled colors in this entire universe, do you really think calling Him black is demeaning? It would be a praise. Don't worry.

  • Hare krishna mataji.

    Just ignore them.. infact krishna also sees and laugh on their comments .. so just ignore these people. When right time comes thier minds also changes..
  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Mataji,


    If you try to reason with them, you will end up in debate only. No point, just smile and ignore. If they try to pin you, then you can say that lets not talk about topics which even acharyas hesitate to discuss. Stay away. Instead of commenting on them being wrong to talk about Radha Krsna relationship - you try to divert the conversation into - how nice that you have chosen Radha Madhav as your profile pic - just looking at it makes me want to chant - thank you for reminding me of my dear Radha rani. Take the romance angle out and divert the conversation tactfully, that will be better than getting into a confrontation. That will not help.

    In Bengal, it is common to call any dark and fair couple Radha Krsna jodi, so dont be over sensitive about it. It is another way to remember the lord. Like how if there is a differnce in height, everyone calls it a Amitabh-Jaya jodi, does it mean that they have become Amitabh-Jaya? No na - then waht to speak of Radha Krsna.

    By your intolerance, you will drive away potential devotees. You can have a separate discussion with them that how other faiths protect their religious sentiments - and we hindus dont - though if you ask me personally, it is not required. This was just playful banter.


    Your servant,


    • Devotee Krishna dasi, I agree with your opinion.
    • Hare Krishna 

      I generally dont jump in between any two people conversing.....but here I could not control myself as they involved Lord Krishna. And why should we...

      If they were doing the same thing with something related to Islam, do u think the followers would have ignored it? We should be more protective about our Lord. I can understand that we as individuals are not powerful enough to change the whole world. - but we can and should do our bit at least and leave the rest on the Lord.

      Would we have bored it silently, if people were making fun of our own father?. No. So here people are talking about the one who gave us our father. 

      What made me a little dissappointed that is that, others there were Hindus as well....no one asked him to keep quiet. I understand this is Kaliyug, unfair things will happen and we have no other option other than to bear it.....but still in places where we can --- we should do our bit.

  • Devotee Krishna dasi, your feelings are normal. Such people should be slapped tightly in the face for having made fun of our beloved Lord Krishna. My suggestion is that confront your friends face to face and tell them that what they are doing is hurting the feelings of devotees like us. If they listen to you, fine and if they don't then report to Facebook for removing all those comments making fun of our Lord.

    Have you watched hindi movie Singham Returns ? In this, in one of the dialogs, Holy Bhagavad Gita is compared with Money Laundering Act and here too the presentation is done in such a way that a layman will think that Money Laundering Act is better than Bhagavad Gita.

    Truly, the movie script writer is a demon in human form who is trying to spread irreligion. Such people should be slapped with heavy fine and the fine collected should be donated to charity.
    • Your concern shows that you are a pure devotee of Lord Krishna. Only the two of us in this entire website love Lord Krishna truly. I would like to confront the person who has made the demeaning remark but I am not going to write anything on that Facebook page. Have those people stopped commenting negatively about our Lord ?
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