when krishna came ....


Can anyone explain about saraswat kalpa ... it's said that it's the time when krishna came on earth ..... when was saraswath kalpa ? has saraswat kalpa over ? in which kalpa we are living? 

is it so that krishna takes avatar in each dwapar and last one was 28th dwapar but what about saraswat kalpa ??? 

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  • Hare Krishna,

    The various Manus existing in one day of Lord Brahmā are as follows: (1) Svāyambhuva, (2) Svārociṣa, (3) Uttama, (4) Tāmasa, (5) Raivata, (6) Cākṣuṣa, (7) Vaivasvata(present), (8) Sāvarṇi, (9) Dakṣasāvarṇi, (10) Brahma-sāvarṇi, (11) Dharma-sāvarṇi, (12) Rudra-sāvarṇi, (13) Deva-sāvarṇi and (14) Indra-sāvarṇi.

    Thus there are fourteen Manus in one day of Brahmā. In a year there are 5,040 Manus. Brahmā has to live for one hundred years; consequently, the total of Manus appearing and disappearing during the life of one Brahmā is 504,000. This is the calculation for one universe, and there are innumerable universes. All these Manus come and go simply by the breathing process of Mahā-Viṣṇu.

    The present age is under the control of Vaivasvata Manu. Each Manu lives 4,320,000 years multiplied by 71. The present Manu has already lived for 4,320,000 years multiplied by 28.

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    Sri Srila Prabhupada writes:-

    He, accompanied by His spiritual paraphernalia appears in every one day of Lord Brahma in this material world. This period is called one kalpa. The duration of Kali-yuga is 432,000 years while the other ages are twice, thrice and four times the measure of this duration. The combination of these four yugas or one Maha-yuga has the duration of 4,320,000 years and 72 Maha-yugas is the time of one Manu, the governor of this universe, and a total of 14 such Manus is the day of Lord Brahma. We are presently living in the reign of the 7th Manu, Vaivasvata Manu. In this same Manvantara, on the 28th Maha-yuga at the end of Dvapara-yuga, Lord Krishna advents and exhibits His uncommon pastimes which is immediately followed by that of Lord Gauranga in Kali-yuga. It is important to mention here that the religious principles of any specific Yuga can be established by other expansions of the Supreme Lord but eh Divine Sports of Vraja with the reciprocal exchange of transcendental loving mellows is the monopoly of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna exclusively. The propagation of such spontaneous loving mellows can only be done by Sri Krishna, therefore in this way He is non different from Lord Gauranga. The removal of the heavy burden of the Earth is usually not the normal pastime of the Supreme Lord Krishna, but is done by the Maintainer of the universe: Lord Vishnu. Incidentally, Lord Krishna appeared at a time when there was a dire need to remove the excess weight on the planet Earth. Lord Krishna is the Supreme Lord, while His plenary expansions and their expansions are all under His shelter. In fact, originally Lord Vishnu was presenting the spiritual body of Sri Krishna. Especially, it was through Lord Vishnu, that Sri Krishna performed all His works like that relating to killing of the demons and establishment of religious principles. The primary function of Lord Krishna's descent is not mainly these purposes such a killing of demons, etc., this are joint secondary causes in compliance with maintaining the religious order for that period. The fundamental reason for His descent is the relishing of His own natural spontaneous mellows and the propagation of these moods. Usually, Lord Vishnu carries out the propagation of formal codes of regulated devotional practice from which spontaneous devotion is hardly available. Lord Krishna has again descended as Lord Gauranga to relish spontaneous mellows and to distribute it. In order to find the extent of Sri Radha's love His own deep innate sweetness which He himself could not fathom and the type of Her happiness in their transcendental conjugal relationship, Lord Krishna taking the mood and complexion of Srimati Radharani has appeared as Lord Gauranga.

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