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  • In the Caitanya Caritamrita  Adi Lila 3 rd chaper purport to the34th verse, Lord Caitanya's sannyas initiation is described as follows:During the time of Lord Caitanya, the influence of Çaìkaräcärya in society was very strong. People thought that one could accept sannyäsa only in the disciplic succession of Çaìkaräcärya. Lord Caitanya could have performed His missionary activities as a householder, but He found householder life an obstruction to His mission. Therefore He decided to accept the renounced order, sannyäsa. Since His acceptance of sannyäsa was also designed to attract public attention, Lord Caitanya, not wishing to disturb the social convention, took the renounced order of life from a sannyäsé in the disciplic succession of Çaìkaräcärya, although sannyäsa was also sanctioned in the Vaiñëava sampradäya.... Lord Caitanya accepted sannyäsa from Keçava Bhäraté. When He first approached Keçava Bhäraté, He was accepted as a brahmacäré with the name Çré Kåñëa Caitanya Brahmacäré. After He took sannyäsa, He preferred to keep the name Kåñëa Caitanya.The great authorities in the disciplic succession had not offered to explain why Lord Caitanya refused to take the name Bhäraté after He took sannyäsa from a Bhäraté, until Çréla Bhaktisiddhänta Sarasvaté Gosvämé Mahäräja volunteered the explanation that because a sannyäsé in the Çaìkara-sampradäya thinks that he has become the Supreme, Lord Caitanya, wanting to avoid such a misconception, kept the name Çré Kåñëa Caitanya, placing Himself as an eternal servitor. A brahmacäré is supposed to serve the spiritual master; therefore He did not negate that relationship of servitude to His spiritual master. Accepting such a position is favorable for the relationship between the disciple and the spiritual master."
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    Digest 18A: Why did Lord Chaitanya take initiation from a Mayavadi Sannyasi?
    Q. In the introduction of Srimad Bhagavatam, Prabhupada has written that Caitanya Mahaprabhu took sannyasa from Kesava Bharati, who was a mayavadi sa…
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    Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu is the Supreme Personality of Godhead and His activities are beyond comprehension!

    Although he took the ek-dandi sannyasa, After taking sannyasa, He was continuously reciting a verse from the Srimad Bhagavatam Eleventh Canto, a song by the Avanti Brahman.

    Later Lord Nityananda broke His ek-dandi (Rod). Who can understand their pastimes? 

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