• hare krsna, dandavat


    this is also because of our previous karma's and also due to the Lord's sweet will. if the Lord does not want us to come to Him in this particular world, then we have to wait... for Him. what karma we do, we have to suffer punishment and one kind of punishment is not getting to know Krsna. some people do Krsna bhakti, but are not able to fulfill the exact rules of liberation according to the sastra's and have to come back.

     but even i do not understand why this happens to people. so please someone else can answer the question??? thank you hare krsna.... 

  • Jai Shri Krishna..


    This is just from my thoughts..Humans have the intellect to inquire about one's position in life etc.  Whilst it being difficult for those that never heard of Krishna, thanks to ISKCON via Prabhupada many are getting to know Krishna.  It's also a vaishnava's duty to propagate the name and fame of the Lord, a great example is Prabhupad.   Gradually through the cycle of birth and death, they will by the mercy of the Lord get a chance to worship Him.  If they are clever enough, they'll grab that chance.  Also the example of Lord Chaitanya Maha Prabhu and his Nagar Sankirtan. Through Nagar Sankirtan many lives can be saved, Vaishnavas must just be a bit unselfish and do Sankirtan.



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