Whats App group for Devotees

Hare Krishna !!

With the blessings of Lord krishna i am initiating a group on whats app to bring together the devotees so that we can exchange krishna's teachings,videos,audios.
Please inbox me the number whosoever wants to be a part of this group !!

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  • Hare Krishna Vipul Prabhu,

    I am connected with Bhakti Vriksha classes in Kolkata. We have Bhagavad Gita class At Elliot Road, Opp. Nonapukur Tram Depot apart from Bhagavatam Class taken by H.G. Ashraya Gauranga Prabhu. Besides this there are more than 100 classes going on all over Kolkata & Howrah. Is you are interested, You can contact us. All classes are Free, Only u need to spare time for Krishna.

    Ys, Ashish Jalan - 9038691856

  • Hare Krishna prabhu, 

    Dandavat Pranam.

    Please add me to this group. My Phone No. is 09440235257.

    Yours Servant


  • Hare Krishna.

    plz add me
    my mobile no is- 09167622335
  • hare krishna!!

    Please add me to the group!


  • Please add me in the group. My number is 8263022762
  • hari Bol

    Please add me on to this group. I would love to receive Krishna's teachings .

    my Number-09872075867

    Hare Krishna

    • Hare Krishna Prabhuji,


      You have now been added to Shree Krishna Group.

      I know its Late but its never too late.

      Enjoyy Krishnas Past times and discussions.

      Chant Harinam and Stay Happy.

      Hari Bol !

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Vipul Prabhuji,


    Kolkata has major congregation preaching going on. You may contact the temple and meet HG Ashray Gauranga Das and join Bhakti Vriskha in your locality. Then you can also start attending Ashray Prabhu's Saturday morning class, Sunday feast class apart from Bhakti Vriksha.

    Every holiday - they go somewhere - day trip or overnight trip - to nearby places of significance to Mahaprabhu's pastimes or even to Mayapur. The entire family can get connected and benefit from the congregational preaching.

    You will find people of all age groups and professions/ businesses, you will be able to relate to them. You will get to know about KC much much better with personal interaction.

    Else, you can write to me and tell me your locality and contact number, I will put you on to the right person.


    Your servant,


    • Hare Krishna MataJi


      Thanks in antipation.I will visit the temple and would certainly let you know in case i need more info \ guidance on KC.


  • hare krishna prabhu dandabat pranam my number is +919943519562 please add me

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