What to do of the Tulasi leaves offered to Krishna

Hare Krishna... I got to know that Krishna really likes it if Tulasi Maharani, dipped in sandalwood pulp is offered to his lotus feet. So I have decided to offer it to my deities too. But I don't know what to do of the Tulasi leaves afterwards... I thought that we have to swallow it but since its dipped in sandalwood pulp, it's not edible and I'm scared that if I do something then that woud be counted as seva Apradha and blasphemy towards Tulasi Maharani. Please help. Hare Krishna

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  • Hare Krishna,

    What I do is, dried tulasi leaves and flowers which are dried ( nirmalyam) that is called. When we remove them from Lord we either dig a small pit near the tulsi plant itself to bury it, it becomes manure for the tulsi plant. as it is prasadam from the Lord's feet Tulasi plant gets nutrition from Lord's prasadam to grow.In case your tulasi pot is too small you cannot dig up big pit for putting all the dired flowers or garlands offered to Lord then you do one thing.. collect them in a cover and when  you get a chance to go to a river you have to empty the cover contents into a flowing river. Or If you find a banyan tree ( Ashwatta Vriksha) which is considered to be incarnation of Lord In the form of a tree.

     Amongst trees I am the peepul tree (sacred fig tree); of the celestial sages I am Narad. Amongst the Gandharvas I am Chitrath, and amongst the siddhas I am the sage Kapil.( Bhagwad Gita 10.26)

    So collect these all flowers, garlands, tulsi everything and find a peeple tree and bury it under it by digging the soil near the roots. 

    Or in case you have a temple which has peepal tree assoicated in the temple complex.. You can just collect the nirmalyam and take them and give to the pujari ( priest) and ask them to bury it along with the flowers, tulasi which they also collect and do whatever they do appropriately. Some temples collect them and throw it in sacred rivers like Ganges or Godavari or Cauvery as per whatever their convience. Some bury it under peeple tree or some bury it in the tulsi garden where people's feet don't touch the place. 

    Hare Krishna.

    • Thank you So much mata ji Hare Krishna😊

  • Take a look at this: https://www.1mg.com/ayurveda/sandalwood-210  I only googled it after i read your query I am no expert/

    • Thank you Prabhu ji Hare Krishna😊

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