What to do?


Hare Krsna!

I am in a dilemma.

We had a collection event in our workplace for American forces fighting abroad. There were food items sold to collect the money. I was not interested in eating anything as I knew all contain egg. So I put money (it was voluntary) and walked out.

Later I realized that money could be used for purpose of buying meat and also for voilence. I am in a fix. Did I do wrong?

Please guide.

Your's servant,


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  • Hare Krsna!

    Prabhu Sudheendra, Prabhu Ashwani Kumar and Maral Mata, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    Your posts are very good. I wish I knew of it.

    Your servant,


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      hari bol!!!... Now you know try to follow it... better late than never again.

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    Yes you will acquire bad karma from this, most likely, because Americans are fallen and they may use to buy cow meat to feed the soldiers.

    I see in America, many Hindus buy dog food containing cow meat for their pet. They never read the label. Similarly, many Hindus, many vegetarian, often wear leather jackets made with cow hide and shoes made from the skin of Cow.

    Obviously many of these people are unconsciously committing sinful activity, who's reaction can be very severe.

    Just be careful next time.

    Just chant the Holy Names of Krishna with attention. The sinful reaction from your activity will be removed the first time you take the name of the Lord.

    However, one cannot continue to sin on the strength of the Holy Names... then we will be committing Namaparadh, Offense against the Holy Names of Krishna.

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      Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

      i also was put in a similar  situation few days ago. Students organized some party in order just to eat, watch TV and to have "friendly association". and they collected enough nice sum of Ruppees. only i refused to give, i'd prefer to give that money to the Sunday feasts or for buying books rather than spending for sense enjoyment.

      They took me to the chairperson, she told me not to be apart from everyone and also to participate that party. i  told that i can not do that, i do not like that, ....but she was steady in her words.

      then i gave money in order they do not think that Krishna's servant is greedy or not noble. but did not come to the party.

      Solution: now i only pray Krishna not to put me in such like situations but use my money in His service.

      Your servant,   

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        Best way to escape such pushy sales persons is by telling them, "I need to ask my husband" and keep insisting on it... that you need to take your husband's permission. It will work every time. They are not interested in your reasoning.

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          nice advice Shravan Prabhu, but i have to use this one according to time, place and circumstances right?! but in the future will surely use this one :-)



    please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    wow ......

    what  a answer!!!!!! Ashwani Kumarji

    very nice thinking. i learned and knew so much things what u try to say.

    thank you so much ashwani kumarji.

    thank you once again

    hare krishna

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    Hare Krishna Sharanagat Pr,


    Its not good to give money to something that we do not know how is being utilized. At the same time, you need not worry much about this case too much also. From next time onwards, be careful not to give away such donations. There are many cow protection farm communities running all around the world who need financial support. You can help them if you wish to do so.

    Hari Bol!!!

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