• Very nice examples and situations being told. where krishna seems to be angry.

    1. yashoda left the baby krishna -> One day, Krishna was sitting in his mother Yashoda's lap and drinking milk. Suddenly she remembered leaving milk on the stove and she left Krishna and ran inside to take the milk before it got overheated. Krishna became angry at that and threw a stone on a pot containing ghee. When Yashoda returned, she saw the broken ghee pot while Krishna sat innocently nearby.

    2. Krishna taking avatar of Narsimha to save prahalada.

    3. Krishna giving mukti to Shishupala

    4. Krishna appearing/acting like as if angry while lifting the chariot wheel in kurushetra battle for chastasing bheesma pitamah.

    5. krishna sending sudarshan chakra for  saving Ambarisha maharaj.

    6. Krishna killing the crocodile to protect gajendra.

    7. Krishna killing putana  and kaliyan and many demons.

    8. Krishna getting angry at ashwattama for perfoming a henious act of kiling young panadavas in sleep.

    9. Krishna killing the paudarik vasudeva.

    10. vishnu being hit on chest by bhrigu muni.

    11. krishna as parushurama killing all Kshetriyas.

    But Krishna has no tinge of anger in in all these circumstances.

    Krishna is Gunateetam ( He is out of 3 modes) and he is out of moha or attachment. He is Nirvikara. ( has no vikaras like mortals.)  Vikaras include..anger, fear, anxiety, jealousy, attachment, greed.

    As he said in bhagwat gita..

    Chapter 2: TEXT 63 :krodhad bhavati sammohah
    sammohat smrti-vibhramah
    smrti-bhramsad buddhi-naso
    buddhi-nasat pranasyati

    From anger, delusion arises, and from delusion bewilderment of memory. When memory is bewildered, intelligence is lost, and when intelligence is lost, one falls down again into the material pool.

    Krishna's anger is NOT like mortal's anger. His anger is not out of attachement, or jealousy or passion or greed.

    When mortals ( we) get anger we lose to distinguish between good bad and we also lose the memory we lose the intelligence to see between unreal and real and we start behaving giving importance to our own self. ( we become ego centric).

    Krishna's anger not ego centric out of attachment or moha.

    example. a mother is attached to her child so much that she chastised it to keep it safe. This is out of attachment. She believes that son or daughter belongs to her. ( MOha).

    It is about the self she wants "her son" to be safe. it is nothing but moha. not love.

    Krishna loves all ..has no attachments so only he could kill his own mamashri ( uncle) had he moha ...he would not have done so and would be crying like Arjuna and thinking whether to kill or not his own blood.

    Krishna love all. his love is not limited to one family or one brother, sister or one wife or mother.  A person who is out of moha ( attachment) can only love can only do required justice.

    Krishna is not angry when he does justice. He just does what is required action to be done. without attchement to it.

    So it would look outwardly like he is having anger but in reality He is out of this anger. As he is NIRMOHI.

    When a mother has moha she is angered..that the son is doing against her wishes.  Krishna is NIRMOHI. he just does what is required to be done ( without attachments).

    Hare Krishna.

    • For bheeshma pitamaha he doesn't have any angry..He just wanted to show Arjuna and increase his strength. and Confidence.  See in the picture also.. Arjuna holding his thigh and crying saying pls. u don't need to break ur promise I will kill him. To Increase Arjun's confidence in himself. He had to do this act  ( as even after saying whole gita gyan ) Arjuna was not ready to lift bow against Pitamah....and at the same time favor his devotee ( bheeshma ji) by keeping up his maan and samaan by lifting the weapon.  As bheeshma ji had made  statement that he would either make Arjuna Surrender or make Krishna take up weapon. He facilitated his devotee's wish, and at the same time acted angrily so that Arjuna would stop having this samshaya( indecisiveness) and fight without getting emotional. As for Arjuna he is a  ( great warrior) veer but he couldn't attack his pitamah ( grandfather) thinking he is his own blood. This is one of the tricks of Krishna to make Arjuna realize his SWADHARMA. ( one big drama) nothing to do with anger here. just acting anger....

      Jaya vijaya got boon that they will be born as their enemies and would want to be killed by the Lord.

      then why will He get angry on his own devotees. ( Shishupaal- dantavakra, Ravana- Kumbhakarna,  Hiranyaksha- Hiranyakashyapa).

      There is no reason to be angry upon them as they are well know by lord.  ( acting angry) hehehe greatest actor! must say. Acting with the flow of the scene.

      Ambarish and Durvasa both were lord's devotees. Just released Sudarshan Chakra to make Durvasa realize his mistake. He had no personal grudge on the Durvasa muni he was a brahmin.

      Lord's activities and anger are not for any personal interest, like hate, selfishness passion or greed or envy or jealousy.

      We mortals get anger for selfish ends. we hate, we are greedy and envious so we may get angry. But HE has no need for any of these. He is not greedy He is not envious of anyone. He is not proud and egoistic of Himself. His does all actions like killing of demon without anger. Just does action without any attachments.

      That is why He is stable of all the Tridev. OnlY Krishna/Vishnu is out of the 3 modes. Shiva ji would get angry may act in tamasic mode, Bramha ji can get egoistic and angered in the mode of Passion. But Lord Vishnu is Gunateetam. Nirvikaaram.

      Hare Krishna.

      • Thank you mata ji's and prabhuji'sfor the replies  AGTSP.

  • Hare Krishna,

    Lord becoming angry at Hiranyakasipu for torturing Bhaktha Prahlada.

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    Hare Krsna Mataji,


    Offence to His devotee makes Him angry. Instances - Ambarish Maharaj Durvasa Muni incident, Ashwatthama killing sons of Draupadi incident...I am sure there are more, not able to recall right now.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

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