What is the process of worshipping GOPAL deity?

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What is the process of worshipping GOPAL deity?

I have a Gopal (Little Krsna) deity in my home. Apart from Bhakti I heard a lot of procedures involved in worshipping Gopal deity. What are they?
I only offer flowers and foods daily. Sometimes (not daily) I change the dresses of Gopal. Thats all.

Please mention the detailed process of worshipping Gopal? Any external link will also be very helpful if any.

Just Servant

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  • hello

    Hari bol.

    there is concept call "Navdha Bhakti"
    there is nine pahor in a Day according to Hindu science and calander
    one should remember god one time in this pahor. that is called "Navdha Bhakti"
    1. in each pahor one should offer water and light food to god and ask him for forgiveness and accept the offering
    2. in 4th and 7th pahor one should offer proper Lunch and dinner to God .
    3. and one should change to water in each pahor .
    4. one should also perfor Aarti in 2nd and 6th pahor.

    for pahor consider day starting 12 in night and 1.5 hour is one pahor.
    if not follow strictly please try to abide with following
    1. do aarti and puja in Brahma Muhrut (4 to 6 AM)
    2. offer Lunch and Dinner to God in different plate and offer water in seperate glasses.
    3. do aarti again at 6to6:30 PM .
    4. on holidays try to perform above navdha bhakti
    5. change Murti's clothes every day.

    just servent with little knowledge

    hari bol
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