What is the meaning of BHAKTIVEDANTA

hare krishna....!what is the meaning of bhaktivedanta...we have hospital...school...book trust of same name...i know that srila prabhupad had his spiritual name as bhaktivedanta...but what does it actually meanplz forgive me if i have said somthing wrong...hare krishna...

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  • hari bol prabhuji....

    thank.....you....for that answer...

    jai prabhupad
  • Jai SHri Krishna..


    In 1947, the Gaudiya Vaishnava Society recognised Prabhupada's scholarship with the title Bhaktivedanta, (bhakti-vedānta) meaning "one who has realised that devotional service to the Supreme Lord is the end of all knowledge"[25] (with the words Bhakti, indicating devotion and Vedanta indicating conclusive knowledge).

    Please follow this link and read more.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A._C._Bhaktivedanta_Swami_Prabhupada


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