What is the form of our spiritual body ???

In one of his lectures, His Grace Srila Prabhupada says,"I am not going to die. So we existed in the past, we are now existing at present, and we shall continue to exist in the future. This is the position. But how we shall exist? What kind of body, either demigod's body or dog's body or tree's body or fish's body, that will depend on my work. Or we go back to home, back to Godhead, Krishna like... We get the spiritual body like Krishna." When He mentions that 'Or we go back to home, back to Godhead, Krishna like... We get the spiritual body like Krishna', does He mean to say that the form of our spiritual body is exactly like Krishna, just like the form of the residents of Vaikuntha is similar to that of Mahavishnu; they r also four-handed, and they have attained such bodies through following Bhagavat Dharma. Waiting for ur replies!!!

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          Krishna is no separate from Vishnu, their figures r same, only one has four hands and the other has two hands. So, the moods or the bhavas r the various ways of appraoaching the one Personality of Godhead, Krishna or Vishnu, but once we reach there, we get the form of Lord. What u said is ri8, Goloka is principal planet among all other Vaikuntha planets, and those who reach there serve Lord in the mode of raga-bhakti, those in mode of vidhi-bhakti will attain Vaikunthalokas. Ultimately, where ever we want to go, we will go. But since a pure devotee dies thinking of the form of Lord, He will have the form of Lord. If one dies thinking of Vishnu or any of His incarnations, He will grow feautures like Him, if one dies thinking of Krishna, He will attain His form and engage Himself in His service.Krishna says, while dying, if u think of Me, u wil live with Me in My abode, there is no doubt regarding this. So, what Lord Vishnu says in the above-mentioned sloka should work for Krishna too since both of them r not separate from each other and Goloka is also a Vaikuntha planet.

          • Hare Krishna pr,

            pamho. AGTSP.


            Yes, Krishna is non different from the Vishnus and at the same time not same also. I am not sure of what u might mean by figures are same...but nevertheless, it depends on Krishna and the devotee, for example Prahlad maharaj is in Shanta rasa, there are so many devotees whose spiritual form is the kalpavriksha (tree form) etc. and it may not necessary that one has to get the same body as the lord. Another example is that if a pure devotee wishes to be a lover of Krishna in the conjugal rasa, he/she will get a female spiritual form (and it is true that everyone is actually in the feminine consciousness and only Vishnu is purusa).


            Also, the body of the gopis when dancing with Krishna is nothing but themselves (soul) while their gross bodies were lying down in their homes. So, the svarupa is the soul's spiritual form and it can be any form as per the devotee's desire.


            Well, if one is completely engaged in serving the lord, no matter he aspires or not, he is already in his constitutional position but in the initial stages SP in one of his lectures says that one should have that desire to go back to godhead. It is true that the devotee doesn't aspire even for vaikunta.


            Thank you v.much pr and pls make sure that u correct me if I have gone wrong inspite of my efforts of not to do so.


            Hari Hari!!


            yas chaitanya.

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    Hare Krishna, prabhuji!!! Thnkx for ur kind reply!! Still I hv a liitle confusion pertaining to this. Krishna in Bhagavad Gita says,' When one dies thinking of me at the time of death, he attains My Nature after leaving this body', and Srila Prabhupada says, we will have a spiritual body just like Krishna. Does it suggest our body will be sat-cit-ananda vigraha, eternally blissful like Krishna or both the form and the nature of our spiritual body will resemble that of Krishna?? So, basically I want to know about the form.....HARE KRISHNA!!! RADHEY RADHEY!!
    • Hare Krishna pr,

      pamho. AGTSP.


      Nice discussion devotees, I also had similar doubts,

      1. Krishna has unlimited forms and unlimited vaikunta planets like goloka, svetadvipa etc. Those souls who get sarupya mukti will get the same form of the lord as in the case of Vishnu forms. 

      2. In the goloka planet, there are devotees with female bodily features like gopis. So, it indicates that in spiritual world forms other than two handed male forms also exist.

      3. A single devotee may have more than 1 form, if required for service. Just like Narottam das thakur is in the eternal Chaitanya lila as well as a manjari in the Radha Krishna lila. It depends on the mood of the devotee, also when one feels like serving Krishna in awe and reverence, he/she is transferred to Vishnuloka and when the devotees feel more intimate with the lord in sakhya and madhurya lila, they are transferred to the vaikunta dwaraka or goloka. All these forms of relationship (quoted by HG Rasika Govinda pr) are unique and are completely fulfilling. The highest of all these is in the mood of separation (vipralambha bhava) as exhibited by Sri Chaitanya mahaprabhu.


      So, whomever u think in whatever mood, Krishna will fulfill your desire :). I tried to reproduce whatever I heard and pls forgive me for any offences.


      Your aspiring servant,


  • Hare Krishna!!!


              Jai Gurudev !!! Jai Prabhupada !!!


    I appreciate ur wonderful question. Krishna Says in Bhagavat gita Anta Kalecha “what we think at end of the life accordingly we will get the body in next life either spiritual body or material body because that is our ultimate desire .krishna always full fills the desire of the living entity… as u know well when we take birth in material world according to our desire Krishna will award the material body either male or female or dog or what our it may be to full fill the desire based on the karma… even if we go to lower planet there punishment will be very heavy so the body will be like that to suit the conditions…when we eligible to go back Krishna’s abode according to our bhava with Krishna  Dasya (Servant) or  Vatsalaya (Parents) or Sakya (Friendship) or Madhuraya (Conjugal Lover) we will go that particular place and serve the Krishna so while we are going if we go to visnu loka we will get four handed visnu forms or if we go to krishnaloka we will get same like krishna’s body same like Vrindavan Krishna. Ultimately wherever we go we will get the body according to that particular planet (if it is material planet we will get material body or spiritual planet mean we will get spiritual body) and according to our bhava / desire. Hare Krishna hope I explained my level best to understand with my limited knowledge it’s inconceivable. Jai prabhupada.


    Your servant

    Rasika Govinda Das


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    He also mentions that we have got a separate spiritual body, covered by this material body. So going back to Godhead means, to go back in our original spiritual form.
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