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    Could you perhaps expand on what type of answer you are looking for, 

    otherwise just going from the question: the final goal of ISKCON is the same as the starting goal which is the same as the middle goal as well as all the other intervals between beginning and end --> to spread Krishna Consciousness and distribute Lord Chaitanya's message throughout every corner of the world.

    • thanks for your reply

    • the message has been spread to all corners of the world;

      is it iskcon's goal and mission to also convert everyone?

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        To make everyone happy.

        That is the mission of ISKCON.

        Many people do not know that they are suffering. They live life simple eating, sleeping, enjoying some small sense enjoyments the reality mostly suffering.

        So because Lord Chaitanya loves us He wants to see us happy. So that is the mission of His Harinaam Movement - ISKCON.

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