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What is the best way to execute "smaranam" process ?

Hare Krishna !!

In a day, there are many 5 minute slots appear, in between our work, where we feel, "let's stop the work and relax for 5-10 minutes". And specially during these, mind drags us to some unwanted direction/activities. Now how can we utilise such short free times where we can relax as well as connect to Krsna ? What is the best way to execute "smaranam" process - what to think of ? 

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Hare Krishna! Dandavat Pranam!

Please read this blog Prabhu (if not done already), the essence of the blog is given below for quick reference.

I think the main reason why people give up relishing the Bhagavatam is that they only know and apply the first step of this process: collecting information. Only reading or hearing the Bhagavatam in this way can be compared to just bringing food in front of the mouth, but not eating it – this will never nourish you.

Following this analogy, reflecting on what you have heard is like chewing the food. At this stage the body is already somewhat nourished through the vitamins it draws through the mouth. However, going through the third step, nididhyasan, contemplating how you can apply what you have heard and then applying it, can be compared to swallowing and digesting the food and being fully nourished by it. In other words, only hearing a sacred text is not enough engagement with it. You will remain ‘hungry’ and look for your ‘food’ somewhere else.

Adiyen feels, 'looking for food somewhere else' is what Prabhu is highlighting in the question as 'mind's drag to unwanted things'.

Sarvam Krishnaarpanam!

Thanks a lot for your mercy. I will read the blog, thanks for sharing. And regarding 3 processes (3rd appears to be difficult for me ! ) - May Lord blesses with the needed intelligence to apply them. I will make a note to bring them into practice. I do see ray of hope through them. 

- Hare Krishna.


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