• Root cause of suffering is acting in favor of our lower nature. This universe is beautiful and we assume it is suffering simply because we have made life on this planet difficult on our own accord. Life can be a worship if we choose to make it so. If we live under the influence of lower states of consciousness, then it will appear to be suffering.

    • Dear Janan Nirvana,

      Suffering is part of being human/mortal. I can not imagine a world without suffering. Birth pains, the suffering of being bitten by insects, stray dog, getting a communicable disease, the pain of having lost a home from fire, suffering from starvation & dehydration, the suffering of old age & loneliness, the death of a love one, being separated, etc. Please raise your hands those who are not suffering and are always happy and I will tell you they belong to mental institutions.

      Haribol always,

      Krsnaraja Melvin
      • Those without faith in God for sure will continue to "suffer",

        therefore singing holy names is the first aid medicine in this Age of quarrel .

        The second aid is association of devotees and the third is service to them.

  • Dear Mihir,

    Who are we? We are all drops in the bucket. Take for example the pin worm inside the host stomach. The pinworm thinks he is the greatest among microbes of his huge size. Similarly, those who are puffed-up are like the pinworm. But he is just a drop in the bucket in this planet we call Earth.

    Haribol always,

    Krsnaraja Melvin
  • SB 11.28.12The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: As long as the foolish spirit soul remains attracted to the material body, senses and vital force, his material existence continues to flourish, although it is ultimately meaningless.
    SB 11.28.13Actually, the living entity is transcendental to material existence. But because of his mentality of lording it over material nature, his material existential condition does not cease, and, just as in a dream, he is affected by all sorts of disadvantages.
    SB 11.28.14Although while dreaming a person experiences many undesirable things, upon awakening he is no longer confused by the dream experiences.
    SB 11.28.15Lamentation, elation, fear, anger, greed, confusion and hankering, as well as birth and death, are experiences of the false ego and not of the pure soul.
    SB 11.28.16The living entity who falsely identifies with his body, senses, life air and mind, and who dwells within these coverings, assumes the form of his own materially conditioned qualities and work. He is designated variously in relation to the total material energy, and thus, under the strict control of supreme time, he is forced to run here and there within material existence.
    When person wake from the dream, he realize : Oh ,it was not real, it was just a dream.
    Considering all that, suffering is so unreal, as someone suffer in a night dream.
    Therefore root of "suffering" is illusion of the soul  and material desires are product of such illusion.
    • Dear Dean Prabhu,

      Are you one of these waken bhaktis? That you can say you are under the personal control of Krishna? Then prepare for the suffering if Krishna gives you one Even Lord Chaitanya in his Siksastaka says that Krishna can do anything to him. Because all Lord Chaitanya wants is to render devotional service unto Krishna life after life .Even if he suffers the consequences ( suffering ) of not being able to forget Him. Personally, if I suffer now I will blame Krishna for my discomfort. Who else can I blame when He is the cause of all causes.

      Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya Sarvam Iti Mahatma Sudarlabha.

      Haribol always,

      Krsnaraja Melvin

    • Dear Dean Prabhu,

      We must realize based on my experience that Krishna is a naughty boy. Even Bilvamangala Thakur lamented for having met this Boy from Vrndavan. Govinda the lover of Surabhi always plays tricks on his devotees. The damsels of Vraja can attest to that. Radharani was tricked by Krishna, too. In other words, Krishna can do anything to us. This statement comes from Lord Chaitanya's Siksastaka. If we suffer or not, it is Krishna's wish. That is why Srila Prabhupada reminds his followers never to forget to pray the Pranava Omkara.

      Haribol always,

      Krsnaraja Melvin
      • Sri Krishna is the cause of all causes, but its incorrect to blame Him for your "suffering".

        How can you blame anyone whats happening in your night dream.

        The Lord is the cause of such dream or illusion, but decision to wake up is up to you.

        The Lord can help to wake up, but strong desire and faith in Him is required.

        Material nature, sometimes called Maha Maya or Great Illusion, has the lows which automatically influence on condition souls.

        On other side there are pure devotees, who see the Lord everywhere and in everything, and who are liberated from influence of material nature.

        Anyway, those on the path of waking bhakti should try to see Lord in every situation of the life, but it doesnt mean that Lord personally have to do with their illusionary suffering.

        As i already said ,only those with waken bhakti are under His personal control.


  • Dear Andy,

    This is I believe a very tricky question, " The root of suffering is having a desire no desire? " What is desire? Ans: It is something we want in the form of a thing, money, title, wife or husband so on so forth. What we can not get which we want most makes us feel bad. And once we feel aggrieved not getting it we become resentful turning to hate then anger. This emotion if carried out into action leads to crimes. The perpetrator goes to jail if caught. While the victim suffers from the injury, lost or damage to property. With this logic it is better to have no desire at all!

    Haribol always,

    Krsnaraja Melvin
  • At the very onset , differentiate between desire and ego . The one supreme authority who has created the universe and the mankind as well has a role in creation of desires in us . All the stuff we desired for is the play (Leela)and handy -work of the supreme personality of the godhead . He ( the supreme personality of the godhead) has created us , this universe and desires also . There is no point , in criticizing desires . All our desires( because of Maya) are the positive manifestations or songs of the supreme authoritative existence (Param Brahm ). We are suffering because of our ego . I think , surrendering to the supreme lord protects or insulates us from sufferings arising from the non-fulfillment of desires .

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