• There are indeed no limits to God. One cannot lay it down that simple and say this is the all and all. Many out there have there own unique experiences and rasas that are resonant and valid experiences of Love of God. If God was not reciprocating with them in the experiences they have had then it would be agreed upon that one way is the only way. But this isn't so and is not fact. As many have shared with the world there experiences of God which are valid and true. God comes and reciprocates in a form and way of love which is sacred to ones heart. God has no limits or barriers. Whether one loves God as a lover, or friend, or master, or the universe itself, or watever else kind of way, God indeed comes in such a way that is desired by the devotee if one is pure of heart and in deep longing for the beloved. It takes alot of courage if one has no courage then indeed one follows the flock, but when one is sure of oneself and ones love for God is indeed unshakable like a mountain, one gains the courage to Love God in a way that resonates with ones being and which is true to oneself and not forced upon.

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  • dear rahul prabhu

    time spent in hell or heaven depends on one's accumulation of paap and punya in his human life and the same paap and punya has to be redeemed in hell and heaven.

    Perfect time of reincarnation depends upon various factors like paap or punya accumulation, perfect time to reincarnate again so that the past life's "give and take" accounts has to be settled. Karmo kaa phal bhugatane ke liye perfect time, wahi perfect log and wahi perfect situation honi that you can equalize/nullyfy everything in the respective birth!!

    hope the above answers were helpful!

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    • Karma theories themselves make little sense. If ones  papa and punya get exhausted then why does one have rebirth?

  • dear prabhu

    let me tell u everything series wise which i have understood after reading Garuda Purana.

    when a sinner dies...he gets a karana deha to suffer the beatings by yamadutas on a very long way (nearly one year for sinners) to yama-loka and then, he gets yatana deha to ultimately suffer in the hell by the order of Yamaraja till the time his sins are exhausted. Afterwards, if his birth time is not perfect, then, he goes to pitru-loka with his sukshma deha and wait for the perfect time to take birth again on planet earth.

    when a good person dies...he gets a karana deha and escorted to yamaloka by yamadutas in a respected way. Sometimes celestial cars also come to take the pious people to yamaloka, if he is eligible. The journey to yamaloka for the pious people is very very short as compared to sinners. Then, the pious person gets a divya deha (like demi-gods in heaven have) and are escorted to heaven by a celestial car and enjoys in heaven till his punya is exhausted. Then, he too, goes to pitru-loka and waits for the perfect time to take birth again.

    On pitru-paksha, our anscestors come to our home and see our activities and see what we are doing for them and accordingly curse us or bless us!

    ITS NOT A NECESSITY TO GET A BODY WITHIN 7 MONTHS!!! Its sure! Exhaustion of paap or punya is a must to have a next human body (or any other yoni). Its clear in the above paras.

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    • Hare Krishna Prabhu,

      I this life also we are suffering and becoming happy because of our previous Karma's, Bhishma Pitamah suffered because of Karma of his 100th previous life, which logically states that our paap and punya of previous life have not been exhausted, you mentioned above that these are exhausted before we go to pitra loka, I am confued, sorry I am not arguing.

      I am sorry if I got something wrong.


      Hare Krishna


      • Whether karma gets balanced is not stated in any scripture I have read. Understanding how this works is difficult to comprehend. There are many theories out there. There will always be a need of lower births as life cannot function without the vegetable kingdom, insects, animals and inanimate creation. They are just as important as anything else. Everything has a function and importance.  

  • dear prabhu

    According to hindu dharma, the souls of three preceding generations of one's ancestor reside in Pitru-loka, a realm between heaven and earth (Antariksha loka). Pitru loka is that place where our ancestors reside until they get a physical body. It said that three of our previous generations reside in pitru loka 'waiting' to be born again. In a broader sense the Soorya Mandala (Solar System), which controls the above activities in the world, is considered as the Pitru Loka.

    The departed soul according to their karma, after suffering in the hell or after exhaustion of the accumulated punyas in heaven, enter the realm of pitru-loka and wait for the perfect time to take birth so that "their give and take account" of the past human life has to be settled in this respective future birth!!

    hope this helped!

    hare bol!!!

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