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    From your name, I think you can understand hindi. "Mann" in hindi is mind. It is the controller of the senses. It is also called the 6th sense one place in Gita. It is the intangible without application of which the senses may function, but to no avail. It is very obstinate, almost impossible to control. In the Gita - the words used are Pramathi, balavad dritah - the constraints to control the mind are given.

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    HG Chaitanya Charan Prabhu is a monk, mentor and a spiritual author. Till now he has written over seventeen hundred Gita meditations that are posted on and are read through daily feeds by thousands from all over the world. He also answers questions by seekers like us and the one you asked - 'What is the mind' is a super intelligent question in my opinion, even though it looks simple. He had answered this same question in one video. I am not sure maybe you came here for a detailed explanation on text, but to start this thread, I believe these videos give a good introduction on the concept of the mind, but maybe slightly challenging and also from scientific point of view.

    'What is the mind - ''.
    'What is present in the mind' - ''
    'How can the mind be controlled' - ''

    PS: Have you got this super book Bhagavad Gita As It Is? - It's on sale this December 2019 Marathon (now). And it has some really beautiful verses on the mind. I have also started reading it... You can check nearby temple for the same!

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