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June 08, 2011


The awareness and knowledge about Lord Krishna is a  must.   

One should have full self realization and chetana about  Lord Krishna because whatever  we are telling actually it is not we, it is Krishna.   Krishna exists everywhere - in everybody's soul.   If we have full faith and belief in Krishna with full sarnagati, bhav and bhakti, we are sure that He is always with us  - wherever we are moving. 

I have developed this habit rather it is my anubhuti in this rajatama time /kalyug also.   For example if somebody is using some undesirable language or if some unwanted thing is happening before me I immediately seeing the full face of Lord Krishna on the concerned culprit due to which my attention is diverted from that scene and offering Parthana and Krityagata to Bhagwan and satvikta is maintained.   Other devotee friends can also experiment this and see the changes.



Abhoy Bhattacharjee






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