What is false ego?

Out of the subtle senses, mind, intelligence and false ego. False ego if the subtlest. What is the nature of false ego. Is it that one gets liberated when he let's go of this false ego? Please explain abt this false ego. 

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  • Came Across this verse. 

    SB 10.46.41 — Just as a person who is whirling around perceives the ground to be turning, one who is affected by false ego thinks himself the doer, when actually only his mind is acting.

    Jai Sri Krishna.

  • One should live on this planet like a guest. God is the provider of all in the resources form. Air, water, fire, earth and ether. We have used these to make our life on this planet better, by using the buddhi ( that is also given by God). We made electricity from water and then made fans and air conditioners and what not we made from electricity to make our stay on this planet better, comfortable and more and more comfortable. In the process of making our lives better. We really forget the Supreme Personality of Godhead who is the giver of all this. Look at your own self. What u are wearing and what u are eating everything is given by HIm. Intelligence to utilize the resources provided for ur stay on this earth is also provided by HIm. What is Your contribution in this??? nothing! even the energy which u get is also from the sun, and food products available in nature. Basically you are doing nothing!!! 

    But alas! we have gained so much intelligence that we made our lives better made strong houses with full amenities. We have used this intelligence which is most precious gift of God to make good comfortable lives but while leaving this earth we feel too much separation from the things which we made for our selves. God gave this intelligence to make use of it to understand Him and to know Him thru nature , appreciate Him for all that he gave. Instead we have made our own world here and thought becoz of my brain and my intelligence I have made this big house, this much bank balance so much comfortable life.  We started to to identify ourself to be one with the material things and possessions. My wife, My children, my car, my house., my parents , My My mY. even to this point that My BHAKTI, My realization. We never came out of this My and "I"  

    The day we realize we are nothing and He is only the doer., and the day you realize this all resources and intelligence is all provided to praise and glorify Lord and not for selfish comforts, that is the day u surrender and ur ego that u are the doer is lost.

    Hare Krishna.

  • Hare Krsna

    False ego means I am a product of material nature.

    I am this material body and everything related to this body is mine. 

    It is false because we are actually spirit soul and the body and everything is given by material nature. It is temporary and therefore ''asat''.

    When one aims at liberation especially through Bhakti then one's false ego starts dissolving. One's original or true ego is revived as an eternal servitor of Sri Krsna. What deviates us from this understanding of our constitutional position is the false ego.

    I hope it is clear!

    Hari Bol!

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