What is buddhi?

We perceive various things through our five sense organs (gross) whereas there are three subtle senses like mind, intelligence and false ego. I heard that we can try to understand Lord (His qualities) by purifying our buddhi or mann.

My question is what is buddhi here? Mind or intelligence? 

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  • One cannot restrict the senses from doing their job. One cannot be out of three modes which is not possible for demigods only. Becoz the more u restrict the senses the more they drag u down to material enjoyments. So our main aim is to only keep ourselves in Kc by listening. hearing. chanting. reading ,visiting temples and keep fighting with Maya.  They will act no doubt but now ur are able to discriminate what is good for you and what is bad and that is how ur intelligent enough to discriminate.

    That is why when u drink or take intoxicants u lose ur judgmental ability and u come under full control of maya and do all bad karmas acting as a slave to senses and controlled by the modes.

    To keep ur consciousness clear. and always in KC path  follow strictly the regulative principles. 

    1.austerity is destroyed by intoxication.

    2.compassion destroyed by meat eating.

    3.truthfulness destroyed by gambling

    4. purity/cleanliness destroyed by illicit sex. 

    basically a man who starts with intoxication loses judging capacity and starts to fall and keep falling.

    ONly the person in Krishna bhakti can avoid these pitfalls. 

    Hare Krishna.

  • To add buddhi( intelligence to judge) is the one that discriminates between temporary things and permanent things. But this buddhi if it is in KC only it can do this discrimination or do judging properly. Other wise with imperfect senses and imperfect mind status and buddhi is also go vakra. and act according to the modes which are operating on you at the time.

    Hare Krishna.

  • When you go buy shopping for a TV what u do u first observe. thru sight , smell, sound, touch, feel. the 5 senses feed the information to the mind even the price of the article and even the information that the neighbors bought the same TV.

    Right? Now the mind after getting all the information from 5 sources and also ur gut feel also. Your jealousy for neighbor's or ur posssiveness or which ever mode u are operating in all information is fed to mind. How much is ur craving for securing the object that u perceived thru senses all information is going to mind.

    now senses saw the object fed the info to mind senses drag u always to the shop and u keep staring at the object. depending on which mode is predominant at that time ur senses act. 1. you might decide to buy it as u want it so dearly for that u might save money ( satva) 2. You might steal money to procure it somehow or the other ( Rajsik) 3. You might even kill you neighbor to get his Tv free of cost. ( Tamasic). Now how is that u decided on one of these three things.????? Its the intelligence. WHich is higher to ur mind. It made you take the steps any of the three is done.  Okay? 

    Now If your consciousness was clear and You are operating in Krishna Consciousness. What change is happening is 1. sense see the object. might get attracted to it also. 2. feed information to the mind immediately saying "I WANT THIS" this is also over. 3. But the buddhi ( intelligence) which is in KC will let to some time to stop think for a moment. Is  this that important to me? IS this object going to help me in anyway to increase my attachment to Krishna or is is going to deviate me from my KC path? There are two things in this world 1. Preyas ( happiness to body) 2. Shreyas ( Bliss to Soul) .. Your Intelligence is now being in KC, makes your mind to re-think!!!! this is a temporary happiness providing object  and My soul is longing for permanent bliss. Then it rejects the offer made my senses and stops the mind to crave and run after the senses.

    Hare Krishna.

  • Hare Krishna,

    Is chanting greater than them all?

    - Earlier I found a valuable reply to a post similar to this question from Gadadhar das Prabhuji, indicating his discussion with Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaj. So thought of sharing it here as it may be useful. You can check it hereIt highlights at end: "Whatever service this chanting and study is given you, you do to your best. Don't leave any stones unturned. Always do your best in whatever seva is entrusted to you. More or less doesn't matter. Leave the rest to Krishna." 

    - Jai Shri Yashoda-Nandana !! Jai Bhakt Prahlad ki Jai !!

    Chanting is the topmost service?!
    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada! Wanted to hear again and again that this chanting of…
  • Hare Krsna
    The intelligence is said to be higher than the mind.
    That means we can control the mind through deliberate spiritual intelligence.
    Now it is said here, spiritual intelligence and not material intelligence.
    Our intelligence is material which seeks to satisfy the demands of the mind and body.
    When intelligence or Buddhi is used to accept all things favourable to the discharge of devotional service such as hearing and chanting, rejecting things unfavorable such as gossip and over or under eating then it becomes spiritual intelligence.
    Purification of both the mind and intelligence is required because as the Lord explains, both are sitting places for lust. The lust bewilders the intelligence and covers his or her knowledge.
    If you are chanting properly then this enemy known as Lust is subdued.
    Hari Bol!
    • Hare Krsna
      Initially I was a reader and used to only read about chanting.
      When I visited the temple I started chanting along with Deity worship.
      The most amazing thing about one process is that it supplements other processes of Bhakti as well like reading and chanting go together.
      It is up to you whether you want to follow one or more than one limbs of bhakti. You will get the same end result which is back to Godhead.
      Maharaja Pariksit attained liberation only by hearing.
      If you read out aloud and listen then two limbs of bhakti which are listening and chanting are being followed at least.
      Maharaja Ambarisa followed all nine limbs of Bhakti.
      Hari Bol!
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