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what is a pleanary expansion of Krishna? what is the difference between jivatma and the pleanary expansion?

Hare Krishna..

what is a pleanary expansion of Krishna? what is the difference between jivatma and the pleanary expansion?

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Dear Prabhu,

Hare Krishna!


Plenary expansion of Krishna means Vishnu-tattva. All the living entities are also expansions of Krishna, but we are not plenary expansions, we are Jiva tattva, it means that we are one in quality with Krishna, that we are full of knowledge and bliss, but in quantity we are infinitesimal…

Plenary expansion carries the full potency of the original. This means that just because Sri Narayana is an expansion of Krishna, that does not mean that Sri Narayana is not all-powerful or omnipresent.

Your servant,

Veeral Gandhi

Hare Krishna Prabhuji..

Does that mean plenary expansions are the incarnations of Lord Vishnu?

Yes Prabhuji, they are incarnations of Lord Krishna...

Please see this chart :

Hare Krishna Guruji,

Thanks for sharing the picture. It is very clear one. And thanks for taking time and explaining me.



I am just a humble shishya, Prabhu! (Not a Guru) Nice to learn that your doubt has been dispelled. Hare Krishna!

Hare Krishna Prabhuji,

A very beautiful explanation. Thank you



Yes that's all true Yet when you say infinitesimal. When accually in-fact, when One speaks of the jivaSoul's potancies & potential potancies, that's like sau in amung the size of the creations the Sun our Sun os infuntessamal, IT could be true but this little atomicSpark like the mighty Sun has a place within this crration!
I like the word insignificant, because most of the time we are not very cognasent or even focussed at even much mote thsn 10% of our mental capassaty. So yes we are insignificant but only because we offten do not care enoughf to try and make a difference! A singal jiva is
"the creater of this universe.
Thank yoi g o r sharing (Hb)


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