what happens when one eats onion unintentionally ?

Hare Narayana,

all glories to shril prabhupada,

                             what happens when one eats onion unintentionally. it was mixed and added to sabji which i was unable to recognize and thus this offence happened. please help me.

your servant,


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    Hare Krishna dear Pooja Mataji, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    When Bhima ate at Duryodhana's house he purified himself for several days by eating only Prasadam. In this way if it happened that You ate non Prasadam dear Mataji then only solution is to eat Prasadam always and wash away the sinful food.

    If there was onion it means it was not a Prasadam. And Krishna says  that that food which is not offered to Him with love is nothing but a sin.

    But do not worry much. Prasadam will surely help. 


    Spiritual life should be taken very seriously. And food which we consume effects our consciousness. Because of that Devotees are very careful with what they eat. Especially those Devotees who are serious. 

    We do not offer onion to Krishna because it is in the mode of ignorance. and it makes consciousness cruel. 

    Your servant , 

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