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    and lessons on astrology in this link also---


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    humble  obeisances Arjuna Prabhuji,

    palmistry and astrology is  true science given in the Vedas.

    But the astrologer should be enough qualified in order to use that science correctly.

    He should  practice minimum 4 lives in order to become a good astrologer.

    Also he should have pure heart who can contact with his Paramatma...

    In this way science is true the person who uses that science also should be pure.


    concerning girl friends.

    Yes You can have a girlfriend if You first engage with her. It is not like one has a girlfriend today and marries to another girl after sometime.

    You are very young and You have enough time for marriage, why not to You use Your time for spiritual progress at least for 3-4 years and become stronger living brahmachari life. And then only think of grihastha ashram?!

    The problem is when one associates with opposite sex it is very difficult to gain knowledge. Because of that brahmacharis first keep celibacy up to 25 years then get married. 

    Your servant, 

    • very well said mataji.  Hare Krsna

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