hare krishna to all,

if anyone ask me about non veg..thn i have atleast some points to defend that Non veg is bad..but what about eggs??? what are some reasons to knw that eggs are too bad..

 eggs that majority human beings consume are frm poultry and they are produced in such a manner that there is no life in it and if no one use it they simply rot,,so they can be consumed coz it contains no life.(thats wat many sayz).

so i want to know opinions of different devotees regarding such eggs..(what others call it as lifeless eggs)..

PLEASE i vl be priviledged if i got to knw abt it..


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    • hare krishna prabhuji,

      your opinion did add sense to my doubt..

      thank u .


  • Jai Shri Krishna..


    We have to eat foods which will affect our mind and body so that it will be easy for God realization.  Sattvic foods are in the mode of goodness and are offer able to Krishna. Anything consumed has to be offer able to Krishna and only the remnants/Prasadama is to be taken.  We have to leave the cycle of birth and death and eating "foods" which are in the mode of darkness ignorance/passion etc, which are not offer able to Krishna will lead us to perpetual cycle of life and death.


    I could argue that an animal who died momentarily of natural causes while lets say it has not started rotting can be eaten since I'm not taking it's life.  Similarly the unfertilized egg devoid of soul is dead matter can be eaten. Ask yourself will it do any good to your health and most importantly will it do any good to your Krishna consciousness?



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      You are right Prabhuji, I would like to add some thing more here,


      Why does the chicken have eggs ? In order to reproduce.

      The myth about vegetarian eggs and its health-promoting qualities are misleading. Its consumption by so many vegetarians is really shocking. The ignorance of such matter has spread so far that people resist believing that an egg has potential life and that an egg has an unborn chick within its shell. Man's desires for food has made him go to extremes and leading him to eat those foods that are coloured with violence and pain. Nature has its reason for eggs, not by way of food for man but as an important link in the reproductive system of hens. It is the craving for violent food that actually numbs the feeling and thinking capacity of the human being. He ignores going deep into the subject and shuns the truth of the matter. But how long will he remain in darkness? For facts are facts and they will never change whether he accepts it or not. 


      According to the famous American scientist Mr. Philip J. Scamble, no egg is without life in it. The scientists at Michigan University in America have proven it beyond doubt that no egg - fertile or infertile - is without life (inanimate). 


      Whether the egg is fertile or infertile, life is essentially there; and it has all the symptoms of life, such as respiration, brain, feeding ability, etc. There are 15,000 porous-breathing holes on the shell, the cover of the egg.

      Just because some people want to satisfy their sensory desire (of eating), they find ways to categorise the food as per their convenience that bypasses the scriptures n their conscience while filling their stomach.


      People even go to the extent of eating Fish by calling it 'river vegetables'


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