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    This is what I can tell from my limited knowledge. There is this legend(probably originating from a subsect of the Shaivite sect) of Sharabha appearing as Lord Narasingha Dev was erupting with anger (which he was,factually) and that Lord Shiva had to destroy him to stop this destructive anger. But if you do maintain that this is true, then there is more to it. Because according to the legend, a battle ensued and Narasingha dev assumed the form of Gandhaberunda and then defeated Sharabha.  So then the question of the Lord being defeated is put to rest as this legend maintains that Gandhaberunda defeated Sharabha.

    So if that legend was true then can we not maintain that the Lord would have continued to be angry since he had already defeated Lord Shiva in Sharabha form? And also, does it make sense that the Lord's anger was destructive? It was fierce and highly intimidating but it only makes more sense that such anger of the Lord is subdued by a devotees love and affection as every other religion or sect concludes. Practically speaking as well, don't you think the lord would create such a pastime for him to be subdued with love rather than the other way round? Also, Lord Shiva is a very loving personality and a great devotee of the Lord, he only assumes to fight with lord if it involves his devotee asking him for help( as Banasura did in SBG) but even then he surrenders to the lord. He also took on a form of a gopi just to relish Krsna's pastimes,so how can it be that Lord Shiva instead of allowing the love of a devotee to flow, actually assume this form of Sharabha?

    Of course besides practically thinking, basing it on vedas is the bonafide way,don't be confused prabhu,just follow Prabhupad's translation closely. There are many different translations and varying versions of a single event,which is why it's important to stick to SP. Hope this helped,haribol!

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    the lord is unlimited and his manifestations are unlimited, so whenever lord displays any of his mellows presented in a different form its all spiritual and this pastime most importantly signifies the importance that how lord is bound by the love of his devotee, this has a great spiritual significance that is presented there  

    as brahma samhita says  :  vedesu durlabham adurlabham atambhaktau,  govindam adi purusam tama ham bhajami.

    means the lord is very very difficult to achieve by some one who is a scholar or tries to attain krishna by mere speculation and dint of his knowledge, but at the same time lord is very easily attainable and bound by the love of those who are surrendered to the lord with pure devotion.

    and that is what this pastime signifies that how lord is easily subdued by the love of a pure devotee, even though lord is unconquerable he is conquered by his pure devotees ...

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    • John the baptist in christian bible. He is baptizing people in the name of the lord. Christ approaches and he does not recognize him. Afterwards he does. He and Christ achieved the same state of consciousness. Christ asks him to baptize him, john says "it is you who should be baptizing me". both achieved the same state, but they recognized only one could be the builder, both being holy bowed to the plan of god. So john submitted knowing only one could be the builder.

      Like a building to be built, if u have a whole lot of masons but no architect. Everyone can work stone but none can build the stone. He bowed and said, i will be the mason, you be the architect, knowing the full plan and bowing in submission to it. Both achieved consciousness of the lord. At this point, actually john was superior to christ in understanding.

      The plan, all people have different parts, and that same consciousness is manifest in different forms for the sake of this great work. Each person with the goal of becoming divine manifests this consciousness.

      Einstein was an avatar, only most people don't see this because he was a scientist. But he was god consciousness, only his part was not to build in spirit but to build in knowledge :) focusing on the many gods is not the goal, focus on ones part and purpose and manifest that, now that is the goal. I am totally going to be hated on this site i am sure, but eh...its what usually is.

      • hari bol,

        there is no question of hate prabhu, what u said is also correct upto a great deal, we all are actually part and parcels of God only. there is a concept in our scriptures called as 'acintya bheda bheda tattva', that means the simultaneous oneness and difference with god.

        we are equal to god when it comes to the qualities, we also have the same qualites as god but we differ in the amount. while god has those qualities in an unlimited amount we have those qualities in fragments, thats the difference.

        All the great personalities in our world, we can say are specially empowered personalities or special representatives of god. whether its Einstien u say or someone else who has done a great deal of extraordinary work in this world.

        In our scriptures we call such empowered personalities as 'shatyavesha avatar', or the empowered one, who has been specially empowered to do some specific task.

        But also there are different types of avatar the empowered personalities dont come under the category of the direct incarnation of the Lord, so they cant be accepted as the direct incarnation of god or god himself rather than they are the special empowered personalities.

        Your concept is very good prabhu, thanks for sharing your idea this was refreshing i loved ur idea nd logic of seeing the representation of god in such empowered personalities.

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        • Good information. The work einstein did for instance was powered by spirituality. You can definitely see in how he spoke. And the things he wrote about he was awake. We usually only notice spiritual personalities tho. Its good to learn about other parts of your faith as u have written. Thank you

          • thank you for sharing your views.


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    Prabhu, when no bodies-- Brahma,Shiva,or even His eternal consort Laxmi-- could subdue the anger of Lord Narasingh,Brahma sent Prahlad Maharaj to pacify Lord Narasingha Dev. Because Prahlad Maharaj was His pet and affectionate devotee, Lord was extremely satisfied and asked Prahlad to accept some boons. 

    Of course, we have no idea about Sharbha Avatar of Lord Shiva. 

    We have only idea from Srimad Bhagavatam translated by H.D.G Srilla Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

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