what about saint Dnyneshwar

Hare krishna. A humble obeiscences to all devotees. Plz clear my doubt. As i frm maharashtra, naturally i have been influnced by saint tukaram and dnyneshwar. Saint dnyneshwar have also translated bhavad gita as a DNYNESHWARI. Then why do we not accept it, because he is not from our line of authority , and also there are other authrized samradays such as rudra, lakshmi. Why there litreture is not so popular like our madva gaudhiya sampraday. If they have their own litreture, then should we have to accept it? As it is also authrized. Plz clear my doubt, forgive me if i had made any mistke at the lotus feets of the devotees

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  • actually this k c movement only consults with its own recognised b g as it is ,,,, and it is not wrong about dhyaneshvari,,,,,,,as its name converts ,here the norms of prabhupad are not fulfilling,,,,of orignal appearence.................we have to present it in orignal form ,,,,as it is ,,,,,,let the orignal form of geeta be flourish

    then after knowing the orignal manuscripture ...u can read   others weather written by saint or writer..

    • if we start following dhyaneshwr,meera ,andaal,narsimha mehata ,tukarama ,rahim khanakhana, soordass,tulsidss..on a compleate basis hum bas issi me uljhe rahenge ...OUR MAIN AIM IS TO GET CONNECTED WITHN PRAMANIK PARAMPARA..AND THAT TOO FROM ONE MAN...SO THAT OUR CONCIOUSNESS IS UN DIVERTED


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