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    PAMHO!!! AGTSP!!!

    Its not a commercial activity prabhu.... Its a part of bangalore iskon.. Its a NGO organising and providing krishna prasad to govt school students as a mid day meal program, which is spread across various places throughout the country. Its giving quality food free of cost and thats krishna prasad too... food is offered to krishna first and then given to those children..



    • Yes, because its a part of Bangalore ISKCON, IT IS a commercial activity. Guess why? A major portion of their earnings is being spent on "defaming ISKCON", "blaspheming Vaisnavas", "Fighting Cases", "wooing Hindus", "Nonsense anti-ISKCON propagnada" etc etc. More specifically though "Offensive blashphemous Websites", "Distributing Demon Voice defaming ISKCON" etc.

      Ofcourse these offending ritviks have their bright side too (I genuinely appreciate):

      1) Decorating Deities Opulently

      2) Distributing Krishna Prasadam etc.

      BUT BUT BUT... All these "bright" side is of no use if they keep on doing Vaishnava Aparadha. Most of the Gurus-blaspheming website is being maintained by these infamous Ritviks. They also distibute(d) magazine(s) blaspheming the senior Vaishnavas and the ISKCON as whole. Stupid! They are defaming their own self too. Have not they got any other better thing to do? (Now don't call this offensive game 'the service')

      Why do they think that materialist will listen to them when they themselves are frustrated with their material life? Why do they think that people will visit THEIR Ritviks Temple by asking people not to visit ISKCON? They got no answers to it. Simply stories and nonsense propaganda. Its simply their frustration. 

      Dear Ritviks, please work on your sadhana and stop looking for faults in other Vaishnavas. Trust Krishna and Prabhupada, they will handle the problems their devotees and disciples respectively. You mind your own business. Thank you!

      Jaya Srila Prabhupada!

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    Prabhu, can You please explain what is this?

    Thank You!

    Your servant, 

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